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References to poetic verses by Hazrat Abu Bakr and Hazrat Ali

Friday, March 11th, 2022

An enquirer by the posting name of ‘Mujahidekabir’ has asked, regarding the following quotations in our publication The Death of Jesus (by Maulana Hafiz Sher Mohammad, translated into English by me), that the references have not been provided. These quotations are on pages 35-36 of the book available at this link.

I. The Khalifas

1. Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq, God be pleased with him, said:

Aina Musa, aina Isa, aina Yahya, aina Nuh,
Anta ya siddiq ‘as-in tub ila-l-maula al-jalil. 

“Where is Moses, where is Jesus, where is Yahya, where is Noah, [i.e., they have all died], So you, O sinner Siddiq, repent to your Glorious Lord.”

2. Hazrat Ali, God be pleased with him, said:

Al-mautu la walid-an wa la walad-an,
hadha-s-sabilu ila an la tara ahad. 

Kana-an-nabi wa lam yakhlud li-ummati-hi
lau khallad-Allahu khalq-an tablahu khalada. 

“Death spares not the father, nor the son, it is the path that leaves not anyone.

He (the Holy Prophet) was a prophet, yet he did not remain with his umma forever,

Had anyone before him lived forever, he (Holy Prophet) too would have lived forever.”

The first quotation can be seen at this link. This link gives a complete poem by Hazrat Abu Bakr. The verse we quote is the last one, and I copy and paste it below from that page:

این موسٰیؑ این عیسٰیؑ این یحیٰیؑ این نوحٍؑ
(کہاں ہیں موسیٰؑ کہاں ہیں عیسیٰؑ کہاں ہیں یحییٰؑ کہاں ہیں نوحؑ)

اَنتَ یا صدیقؓ عاصٍ تُب اِلٰی المولٰی الجلیل
(تو اے گنہگار صدیق توبہ کر بزرگ و برتر اللہ سے)

The second quotation is available at this link. Again, I copy and paste it below from that page:

المَوتُ لا وَالِداً يُبقي وَلا وَلَداً
هَذا السَبيلُ إِلى أَن لا تَرى أَحَدا

كانَ النَبِيُّ وَلَم يَخلُد لِأُمَّتِهِ
لَو خَلَّدَ اللَهُ خَلقاً قَبلَهُ خَلَدا