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Archive for February, 2008

Vilification by label

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

Submitted by Abdul Momin 

Since being declared non-Muslim, in Pakistan it is fashionable to label someone as Qadiani or Ahmadi even if that person is not even aware of Ahmadi beliefs, in order to defame him. This can happen for any reason, e.g for the purpose of litigation in order to influence a court of law or it could be to prevent appointment of someone to a higher post in a government job. All it takes is for someone to have a present or past (deceased) relative who is or was an Ahmadi, and from time to time the label of being Ahmadi will be applied to that non-Ahmadi person. Such a person has to prove his being non-Ahmadi through constant denials during his lifetime. Were it not such a serious matter and the severe persecution that Ahmadis have faced, one would find this whole matter laughable.

But just as the label “Ahmadi” is used as a weapon to demonise and curse people in Pakistan, it seems that now the label “Muslim” is used by bigoted Christain Evangelists to demonize their opponents in US presidential politics. The ignorance or false propaganda of these Evangelists can only be matched by their anti-Ahmadiyya counterparts.

The leading US presidential candidate Barack Obama has to repeatedly deny that he ever was a Muslim:

“My grandfather, who was Kenyan, converted to Christianity, then converted to Islam,” Obama said Sunday. “My father never practiced; he was basically agnostic. So, other than my name and the fact that I lived in a populous Muslim country for four years when I was a child, I have very little connection to the Islamic religion.”

-A debunked chain e-mail circulating widely on the Internet suggests he is hiding his Islamic roots. It says he was sworn into the Senate on the Quran and turns his back on the flag during the Pledge of Allegiance. He took his Senate oath with his hand on a family Bible, and he says, “Whenever I’m in the United States Senate, I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. In fact, no candidate could survive if he publicly spurned the pledge.”

-Another false report says he attended a Muslim madrassa school as a child in Jakarta. Obama was born in Hawaii and moved to Indonesia when he was 6 to live with his mother and stepfather. He returned to Hawaii when he was 10 to live with his maternal grandparents.

(From Haaretz, a liberal Israeli newspaper)

Recently a picture of Obama surfaced wearing African tribal clothes, and that was reason enough for him to be labeled “Muslim”!!!

Website calling almost everyone a heretic

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

It was purely by chance that I came across this website which has an Indian address. In the right hand column of each page, under the title “Guard your faith”, there is a list of movements considered kafir. Click on the movement’s name and you can read the full denunciation.

Ahmadiyya is, of course, top of the list.

Under Shi’ites we read: Shiaism (The Rafidah) and Islam are indeed different religions.

Under Jamaat-e-Islami:  “if you see the Aqeedah and Manhaj of their founding leaders, who are looked upon as mujaddid and great scholars you will be shocked”

Also under the above, Maudoodi is described as:  “A man who reviled many of the Prophets of Allaah and the Companions of Allaah’s Messenger”.

Under Barelwis: “the belief and practices of this sect are founded upon superstition, folklore and many innovatory practices. It is a sad fact that the masses of ignorant Muslims do not know the real meaning of ‘Ibaadah (worship); they address their worship (unknowingly) to other than Allah, thereby committing a kind of shirk (associating partners with Allah), which would drive a person right out of Islam.”

Tablighi Jamaat: “this group has exceeded all bounds in innovations and aspects of shirk, Muhammad Illiyaas, the heretical Deobandee who founded Jamaa’at ut-Tableegh in the 1920s, may Allaah give him what he deserves.”

Under Sufism they mention: “the kufr of Ibn ‘Arabi,”

Under Naqshbandiyya: “The present-day Naqshabandis are determined in their war against Islaam and the Muslims and seek to pull in unsuspecting and ignorant Muslims by their “populist” and cleverly devised approach”.

Under Deobandis, it says (encouragingly) at the top: “The Deobandis are one of the groups of Muslims”.

However, at the bottom of the page we read:

“after reading the writings of the revered scholars and Founder of Deoband one Realizes that the difference between the Barelwis and the Deobandis is Miniscule and they both Share the Same Sufistic Beliefs …”

“Turkey in radical revision of Islamic texts”

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Under the above heading there is a news item on the BBC’s news website at this link.

Here are some brief extracts giving its flavour:

“Its supporters say the spirit of logic and reason inherent in Islam at its foundation 1,400 years ago are being rediscovered. Some believe it could represent the beginning of a reformation in the religion.”

“… the task of explaining the original spirit of Islam to remote communities in Turkey’s vast interior…”

And how about this:

They have also taken an even bolder step – rejecting a long-established rule of Muslim scholars that later (and often more conservative) texts override earlier ones.

“You have to see them as a whole,” says Fadi Hakura.

“You can’t say, for example, that the verses of violence override the verses of peace. This is used a lot in the Middle East, this kind of ideology.

“I cannot impress enough how fundamental [this change] is.

This obviously refers to the theory of abrogation.

The work of “recreating” Islam (as it is called in this article) has already been done long ago in the writings of Maulana Muhammad Ali.

Muslims must welcome the Danish cartoons

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Muslims must welcome the Danish cartoons

by Maulana Mustapha K. Hydal B.A. Theology (Peshawar)

Lahore Ahmadiyya Imam and Missionary in Trinidad and Tobago

Muslims have insulted the Prophet Muhammad. Their behaviour is a shame and disgrace to the teachings of this ideal Prophet. Yet we do not see demonstrations of Muslims against these Muslims who insult the Prophet Muhammad by their response to the publication of cartoons allegedly offensive to the Prophet Muhammad.

Allah prophesied in the Qur’an: “you will certainly hear from those who have been given the Book before you and from the idolaters much abuse. And if you are patient and keep your duty, surely this is an affair of great resolution.” (The Qur’an 3:186) Thus the correct duty of Muslims is firstly to “restrain (their) anger and pardon people.” (The Qur’an 3:134) and then to “defend themselves after they are oppressed.” (The Qur’an 26:227)

We must recognise and realise that the concept of Islam and Muslims which many persons harbour is a concept of terrorism. Ever since the last century and even before, it was incorrectly stated that Islam was spread by the sword. This wrong concept of Islam and Muslims was and still is fostered and nurtured by Muslims themselves: “whatever misfortune befalls you, it is on account of what your hands have wrought.” (The Qur’an 42:30)

For example, over one hundred years ago Mirza Ghulaam-Ahmad advised Muslims that rather than merely asking governments to proscribe and confiscate the offensive jargon of the objectors of Islam they should all be collected and appropriate replies prepared so that the present and future generations can be spared from these vituperative and poisonous diatribes. But instead of heeding his call Muslims condemned him and developed and advocated violence and terror to him and his followers.

It is amazing that the very first revelation Prophet Muhammad received was not to pray, not to fast, not to give charity or to perform pilgrimage. The first command was to READ and the method of propagating Islam was there and then indicated “Allah teaches by the pen” (The Qur’an 96:4). Later on Prophet Muhammad was also informed: “the pen and that which they write! By the grace of your Lord you are not mad. And surely yours is a reward never to be cut off. And surely you have sublime morals.” (The Qur’an 68:1-4) In other words Muslims must use the pen to promote the sublime morals that they ought to possess.

The Prophet Muhammad, though illiterate, used the pen at least once in his life and that was to delete his Divinely given honorific as the messenger of God to foster peace with his enemies albeit under disgraceful conditions at the truce of Hudaibiyya.

If we ban the cartoons we ban the expression, we do not remove the thinking.

It is only when the opponents of Islam express their thoughts that we can counteract their objections which arise out of either ignorance or fabrication. So rather than insulting the Prophet Muhammad by their truculent behaviour, the Muslims must take on the challenge of one whose head is full of lies with this approach – “let him bring on his brayers we will call up our penpushers.” (The Qur’an 96:17-18)

The Qur’an sets the tone for the appropriate counteracting of objections to Islamic teachings: “say to My servants that they utter what is best.” (The Qur’an 17:53) Yes, the Qur’an teaches: “And the recompense of evil is the like of it; but whoever forgives and amends, his reward is with Allah. Surely He loves not the cruel ones.” (The Qur’an 42:40)

We live in a time when human beings are at a loss – wondering how society can deal with so much violence and hatred pervading all strata of human society yet with little solutions to these challenges. Let there be exception in those “who believe and do good, and exhort one another to Truth, and exhort one another to patience.” (The Qur’an 102:3)

Maulaana Mustapha K. Hydal B.A. Theology (Peshawar)

A Qadiani Jamaat website confirms original news

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

In the Press Release from the Qadiani Jama`at international centre as well as in the Khutba by Mirza Masroor Ahmad (see posts below in this blog) it is claimed that the Indonesian newspaper had issued a clarification of the original Qadiani Jama`at statement. Yet, it is quite bizarre that another official Qadiani Jama`at website,, quotes later newsreports from the same newspaper to the same effect.

See this link to

It reproduces a report from The Jakarta Post, dated 5th February, which is as follows:

Govt to monitor Ahmadiyah sect

JAKARTA: The government has established a monitoring team to supervise the controversial Ahmadiyah sect.

“The team will gather information on to what extent Ahmadiyah has applied its ‘12 points of explanation,’ ” said Religious Affairs Minister M. Maftuh Basyuni during a hearing with the Regional Representatives Council here Monday.

Ahmadiyah was declared heretical by the influential Indonesian Ulema Council because the group recognized Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, its founder, as the last prophet, rather than Muhammad.

After a string of mob attacks on the group’s properties, Ahmadiyah’s leaders issued a statement containing “12 points of explanation”, including their acknowledgment of Muhammad as the final prophet.

The Religious Affairs Ministry on Jan. 24 issued a decree establishing the monitoring team. It includes officials from the Religious Affairs Ministry, Attorney General’s Office, Home Ministry and National Police.

“The team will report their findings to the religious affairs minister at least three months from the time the decree was issued,” said Maftuh. “At the moment, we still consider Ahmadiyah as heretical.” – JP

The newspaper is repeating the same report on 5th February, while the Qadiani Jama`at Press Release from London announces that the newspaper on 23rd January printed a clarification, i.e. that the earlier report of changing beliefs was not true.

Qadiani Jamaat Press Release

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

There is also a Press Release on the Qadiani Jama`at website dated 9th February, which near the end refers to the Indonesia events and says:

“Following the aforementioned newspaper article certain non Ahmadi Muslims and members of the Lahori sect celebrated what they perceived to be a change in the beliefs of the Community. However the content of the article was immediately rejected by the Jama’at and to its credit the said newspaper printed a statement clarifying the issue on 23 January 2008.”

I don’t think we celebrated. That 12-point statement was either based on ignorance of the beliefs of their own Jama`at or it was just a ploy to fool the Indonesian authorities. We would only celebrate if there was a true change of belief based on recognition of the past beliefs being wrong.

The Qadiani Jama`at should publish a copy of the newspaper’s statement of 23rd January which, they say, clarified the issue.

Mirza Masroor Ahmad’s khutba, 8th February

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

Through an e-mail sent to many people by a retired missionary of the Qadiani Jama`at, I have learnt of the khutba delivered by Mirza Masroor Ahmad on 8th February, the summary of which in English is at this link on their website.

On the events in Indonesia, the summary says:

“Huzur said there has been strong opposition in Indonesia for the past few years now. Ahmadi homes and Ahmadi mosques have been vandalised and burnt. In light of the persistence opposition and the way our Jama’at handled the matter the federal government made a treaty. The news of this pact spread to the internet via a newspaper. Huzur said some Ahmadis expressed themselves, admitting that they did not have the requisite knowledge, that in order to curb the mischief if we had to agree to certain things we should. They cited the reference of the incident of ‘Treaty of Hudaibia’ in which the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) had agreed to erase the words ‘Prophet of God’. Huzur explained that first of all it was the Prophet himself who had erased the letters, something that Hadhrat Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) could not bear to do. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) had explained that the treaty was being made with people who did not believe him to be a Prophet of God. Huzur said we have no business adopting flattery and take a step that would be embarrassing for the true and ardent devotee of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him). We consider Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani to be the Messiah and the Mahdi and we have no significance without this. Our beauty is in entering his community having accepted him as the Messiah. It is him who has taught us the ways and means to be absorbed in the love of the Prophet (peace and blessing of Allah be on him) and it was the Prophet himself who had given him the title of Messiah and Mahdi. Should we give up calling him Messiah and Mahdi to temporarily please others? Should we, despite being cognisant of all the Signs that have appeared in support of his truthfulness, try and appease the world? Be those who reject Divine testimony? Should we on one hand believe in the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) but on the other hand not believe the revelation that was given to him which said ‘Certainly you are the Promised Messiah and the Promised Mahdi who was awaited?’

Huzur said denying the Messiah and the Mahdi is denying the Ahmadiyya concept. Huzur said the context in which a newspaper published the news in Indonesia gave people a chance to raise a hue and cry that Ahmadis have changed their viewpoint and do not consider Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad a prophet but consider him a Mujaddad (a reformer). In its communication with the government of Indonesia the Indonesian Jama’at did not even hint the above as indeed no Ahmadi can ever entertain this thought. Huzur said the Indonesian Jama’at is a Jama’at of the highest order and their sincerity is second to none. Accepting the clauses in the treaty with the government did not denote any weakness of faith, however, as the words of Messiah and Mahdi were not specifically used in it, the newspaper got a chance to appear smug.”

Immediately after the above, Mirza Masroor Ahmad targets the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement as follows:

“Huzur said he had clearly repudiated this in one of his Friday Sermons and the newspaper also clarified the issue but this gave the Lahore Movement a chance to show their inflexibility. Huzur said he would reiterate to the Lahore Movement and those who have not taken the pledge of allegiance to Ahmadiyya Khilafat to have some fear of God in terms of what our stance about the Promised Messiah is. Huzur remarked who has progressed in leaps and bounds: those who accept the Anjuman or those who consider Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as the Messiah and the Mahdi? Who is established in 189 countries of the world? Who has Allah’s practical testimony with them? Those who accept him as a Messiah or those who consider him a guru? Huzur went on to read an extract from the writing of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) elucidating his own truthfulness as the Messiah and as a prophet. The Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) explained that the only instance in which he denied prophethood for himself was with regard to being a bearer of a new Shariah but said that he had knowledge of the Unseen from Allah and that he was indeed a prophet. Huzur asked does this leave any room for doubt. Huzur said with the greatest of respect he would ask his lost brothers to come and join in the spiritual revolution and take the message of this zilli (in shadow of/in subordination) prophet to the corners of the world. Huzur said if any one is witnessing the fulfilment of Divine promises it is those who accepted him as a prophet and then went on to accept his Khilafat as well.”

His statement that “this gave the Lahore Movement a chance to show their inflexibility” at least indicates that Mirza Masroor Ahmad and his Jama`at take notice of this blog, for it is only here (as far as I know) that the Lahore Movement has commented on the events in Indonesia. We are happy to know that our comments were of such strength and substance that Mirza Masroor Ahmad was compelled to refute them before his whole Jama`at.

Improvements to comments submission box

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

Up to now the box in which you type your comments has been a simple text entry box (although those who know html could insert html tags within the text).

I have now installed a “plug-in” which has made the comments box into a simple editor with buttons to mark any part of your text as bold, italic etc. The resulting appearance of the text is immediately visible within the editor. There is a button to insert links around a block of text.

Zahid Aziz

“The Life and work of Jalal-ud-din Rumi” by Afzal Iqbal

Monday, February 4th, 2008

Since the comments under the post “Arya Dharm” have grown to be too numerous and lengthy, I am creating this related post on the topic of the above book, which I have referred to in my comments under the “Arya Dhram” allegations post.

As this post is itself lengthy, I have now moved it off the main page to a comment on this page.

Click here (or click below on comments) and the full post will open up below this message.

Zahid Aziz

Spam avoidance measure

Monday, February 4th, 2008

Due to an increase in auto-spam messages being sent to this blog, I have introduced a feature to ensure that a comment is being sent by a human and not computer generated.

On the comment submission form you have to answer the question what year is this? Please type the obvious answer 2008 in the box.

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Zahid Aziz