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August 27th, 2009

FFree Thinker Video ‘Prophets of Islam’

Submitted by Rashid Jahangiri

FFree Thinker Video ‘Prophets of Islam’

On YouTube a video is posted.

I posted my comments:

According to Holy Quran (HQ), Allah sent His prophets in EVERY GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION and in EVERY ERA.
Yes, Confucius, Buddha, Rama, Krishna, Cyrus etc were all prophets.

Why all such names are not mentioned in HQ?
Because HQ is NOT book of history and genealogy like Bible.

Why HQ has only names of prophets that came in Arabs/ Middle East?
Because HQ was revealed among Arabs and that too among Quraish, so only those names of prophets are mentioned in HQ which were familiar to Arabs of that region.

To answer your question about purity of HQ, I will refer you to read the INTRODUCTION portion of HQ translation done by Allama Noor Ud Din and his son and daughter in-law. This HQ introduction answers ALL of your question that you raised in your video:
You may read its reviews on amazon:
The Holy Quran by Allamah Nooruddin

Link to FFree Thinker Video:

Note by Zahid Aziz: Some consider Dhu-l-Kifl (21:85) to be “the one from Kapilvastu”, i.e. Buddha. The lotus is an important symbol of Buddhism. The Quran refers to the lote tree in connection with a high spiritual experience (53:13-17). Quite strangely, the Arabic for Lote tree here is Sidrah, not much different from the name Siddhārtha of Buddha!

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