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June 6th, 2007

Items from Badr, 30 May 1907

The front page of this issue of Badr carried as usual the full conditions of the bai`at and, at the foot of the page, again as usual, the manner in which the Promised Messiah administers the bai`at.

Again, as usual, the front page has printed on it verses from the poem in Persian by Hazrat Mirza sahib written while addressing the saint Khwaja Ghulam Farid of Chachran (near Bahawalpur). It begins: “Ma musalmaneem az fazl-i Khuda…” (We are Muslims by the grace of God. The Mustafa is our Leader and Guide). The 6th verse in the extract given here is:

“He is the best of messengers, the best of mankind. Every prophethood came to an end with him”.

This poem was published by Hazrat Mirza sahib in his book Siraj Munir, March 1897. See Mujaddid-i Azam, p. 458-459.

So we have here a writing, a section of a poem, published well before 1901, containing a verse affirming that prophethood of every kind ended with the Holy Prophet Muhammad. Then we find that regularly in Badr, for long after 1901, a part of this poem, including that verse, was always printed on the front page as giving a basic statement of his beliefs by Hazrat Mirza sahib.

This shows just how baseless the theory is that in November 1901 Hazrat Mirza sahib changed his claim from that of saint to that of prophet and began to teach from then on that the Holy Prophet Muhammad was not the last and final prophet. Pre-1901 statements on this subject were being published after 1901 as well.

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