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July 20th, 2007

Giving precedence to religion over the world

In Al-Hakam, 17 July 1907, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is reported as saying:

It is very hard to give precedence to religion [i.e. one’s religious duties] over the world [i.e. worldly calls and interests]. A man can say this in words and even pledge to do it. But not everyone can fulfil it. Holding religion above the world can be recognised by comparing the pain a man feels at worldly loss with the pain he feels when suffering some religious loss. A man should make his own heart as the judge to determine this: how restless he becomes and how much he wails and woes over worldly loss, and in contrast how he feels at some religious loss?

Bad is the man who deceives another, but worse is the man who deceives himself. He does not give precedence to religion over the world but believes that he does so. He does not truly obey God but considers that he is a Muslim. He who is unjust to another can escape after his misdeed and save himself thus. But he who is unjust to himself has nowhere to run and cannot escape this injustice.

Blessed is the one who gives precedence to religion and God over everything else because God will give him precedence.

One Response to “Giving precedence to religion over the world”

  1. Thank you making this note available. It reminds us of our ‘pledge’ to Allah on the hands of the Promised Messiah. How easily we forget our commitments to the Supreme Being!

    Everyday, we quiver at the thought of failing at our worldly work, but do not think of the millions of shortcomings we commit in Allah’s way.

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