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September 26th, 2007

Claim of Promised Messiah as a muhaddath

Tahir Hussen writes to our blog: 

“(II) Question: A claim to prophethood has been made in Fath-i Islam?

Answer: I have not claimed prophethood. I have only claimed to be a muhaddath (one spoken to by God) and this, too, under the divine command. Muhaddathiyyah undoubtedly contains a strong element of prophethood. Now when true vision is admittedly forty-sixth part of prophethood, what is the harm if muhaddathiyyah, which has been spoken to in the Quran along with prophethood and messengership, and about which an authentic report exists in Sahih al-Bukhari, is styled metaphorical prophethood or an integral element of the excellences of prophethood. Does it amount to a claim to prophethood? After all a complete seal has never been set on the divine revelation after the perfection of the prophethood . . .. O ignorant people! Rivulets of revelation are to flow in this ummah till the day of Resurrection subject, of course, to one’s status.”

(Izalah Auham, September 1891, pp. 421, 422)

When the promised messiah wrote:

“I have not claimed prophethood. I have only claimed to be a muhaddath (one spoken to by God)”,

I wonder why the rabwah make of him a prophet. Are they blind lovers of Mirza Bashir-ud-din Mahmud Ahmad to the extent of accepting a fabrication that brings humiliation to the promised messiah ?!

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