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January 18th, 2008

Indonesia: Qadiani Jama’at given 3 months to prove belief in finality of prophethood

Here is a news item from The Jakarta Post dated 19th January 2008 (the time difference means it is already the 19th in Indonesia):

(Note on 19 January: Unfortunately the above link shows a different item of news every day! However, yesterday I copied from the original news the extract given below.)

We may highlight from it the following:

Wisnu, who is the deputy attorney general of intelligence, said the board gave Ahmadiyah three months to prove it was committed to its new stance that recognized Muhammad as the last prophet of Islam. …

“We have given Ahmadiyah followers the opportunity to return to the right path, and their activities will be monitored and evaluated over the next three months,” Wisnu said.

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