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February 12th, 2008

A Qadiani Jamaat website confirms original news

In the Press Release from the Qadiani Jama`at international centre as well as in the Khutba by Mirza Masroor Ahmad (see posts below in this blog) it is claimed that the Indonesian newspaper had issued a clarification of the original Qadiani Jama`at statement. Yet, it is quite bizarre that another official Qadiani Jama`at website,, quotes later newsreports from the same newspaper to the same effect.

See this link to

It reproduces a report from The Jakarta Post, dated 5th February, which is as follows:

Govt to monitor Ahmadiyah sect

JAKARTA: The government has established a monitoring team to supervise the controversial Ahmadiyah sect.

“The team will gather information on to what extent Ahmadiyah has applied its ‘12 points of explanation,’ ” said Religious Affairs Minister M. Maftuh Basyuni during a hearing with the Regional Representatives Council here Monday.

Ahmadiyah was declared heretical by the influential Indonesian Ulema Council because the group recognized Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, its founder, as the last prophet, rather than Muhammad.

After a string of mob attacks on the group’s properties, Ahmadiyah’s leaders issued a statement containing “12 points of explanation”, including their acknowledgment of Muhammad as the final prophet.

The Religious Affairs Ministry on Jan. 24 issued a decree establishing the monitoring team. It includes officials from the Religious Affairs Ministry, Attorney General’s Office, Home Ministry and National Police.

“The team will report their findings to the religious affairs minister at least three months from the time the decree was issued,” said Maftuh. “At the moment, we still consider Ahmadiyah as heretical.” – JP

The newspaper is repeating the same report on 5th February, while the Qadiani Jama`at Press Release from London announces that the newspaper on 23rd January printed a clarification, i.e. that the earlier report of changing beliefs was not true.

One Response to “A Qadiani Jamaat website confirms original news”

  1. Assaolamo Alaikum
    I think has issued this report to show that the persecution that is perpetrated against Ahmadis. They are not saying that they are accepting the accuracy of everything reported in the news piece. So they are focusing on the issue that government has established a monitroing team to supervise Ahmadiyya sect and that the new report admits of mob attack on Ahmadis.
    I further think that here the Ahmadi’s declared The Holy Prophet sa to be Khatamun Nabiyyeen. That is translated by the reported as the Final Prophet. You cannot expect a journalist to know the differences of Ahmadiyya beliefs and other Muslim beliefs in minute details.

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