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November 21st, 2008

Comment to Michael Moore

Rashid Jahangiri has submitted the following.

My email to Michael Moore.

Famous American filmaker and activist Micahel Moore on CNN program Larry King Live, Nov 19, 2008 show, predicted ‘the end of capitalism’. You may watch him near the end of video:

I sent him this email:

Dear Mr. Michael Moore:

On Larry King Live, 11/19/08 show, you predicted current economic situation in our country as “the end of Capitalism”. In 1942 an intellectual in Muslim world, Maulana Muhammad Ali authored a book ‘The New World Order’. On pages 38 to 53 he writes ‘The Economic Problem’. In these pages, on one hand he predicted the bankruptcy of Stalin’s Soviet Union, by pointing out flaws in communist system. And this he predicted against the strong economic indicators of Stalin’s 5-year plan. On the other hand he predicted the bankruptcy of Europe’s Capitalism. Interestingly, he also gave the solution to the economic problem. He provides the middle ground i.e. The Islamic Economic System, is the solution. Listening to you, I had to say, Maulana Muhammad Ali’s both predictions came true.

You may like to read few pages of his book The New World Order by Maulana Muhammad Ali. Link:

Yours truly,

3 Responses to “Comment to Michael Moore”

  1. I havent read this book by M. ali.  It sounds interesting.  I will have to give it a read.

  2. Rashid Sb.,

    Please do let us know if you get a response from Moore.

  3. Is Capitalism Failing?
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    On Thursday’s Riz Khan we speak with Zizek, who has been called the “most dangerous philosopher in the West”, about his controversial theories and prognosis for the future.