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February 16th, 2009

Islam and War, or Islam and peace: Reply on ‘Jihad Watch’

Submitted by Rashid Jahangiri

Islam, War, and Deceit or Islam, Peace, and Tolerance.

Following comments copied from

Begin comment:

‘Islam Peace and Tolerance’ by Zahid Aziz, Ph.D.

For a person to call himself fair and just, it is mandatory for him or her to at least read or listen to other side the accused before coming to any conclusion. It behooves for readers who have read above article to read the accused point of view. By accused I mean Islam. Following is a link to small booklet, only 97 pdf pages.

‘Islam Peace and Tolerance’ by Zahid Aziz, Ph.D.
(Click on the book cover in above link to read the book)

Full freedom of belief recognized –
Violence and coercion prohibited –
Jihad is not war –
Muslims taught to live in peace with others

End Comment.

Begin comment:

Obviously the majority of commentators on the topic above are blurring the difference between Islam and Muslims and Islam and its polemic discussion.

If using the same logic then should all the colonies of last two centuries give up good Western ideas of modern democracy just because they were victims of Wars and “Imperialism, subjugation, conquest, persecution, genocide, and unending hegemony”?

Should West be put on trial just because last century was the bloodiest in human history and that the perpetrators were the Western Democracies (think of WW-I, WW-II, Nuking of Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Bosnia, Afghanistan to name a few). Should Iraqis hate America for all the human and economic devastation?

Should all the suppressed people of the world hate West just because they are governed by dictators and kings put in place by modern Western democracies?

To be fair, the people in Palestine are resisting to be heard just like the uprisings in concentration camps of Poland (using fire crackers against F-16s, tanks, artillery, satellite imagery, electronic warfare…)

As far as Israel, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria are concerned, their issue is simply that of Real-Estate and Politics (and to some extent of apartheid; by the way by nature it is also Arab(Muslim+Christian) and Israeli (Jewish + Western Christian) conflict)

You cannot blame Christ for Christian atrocities or Moses for Jewish atrocities which is evidenced by quite extensive historical record.

Mud slinging will only perpetuate more hatred. It would be prudent and productive that this forum should try to clarify misunderstanding amongst all the “Children of Adam.”
End comment.

Begin Comment

Please focus!

As in my earlier post I said, “By accused I mean Islam”. If anyone of commentators has cared to read or even browse the link to Dr. Aziz book they would have figured instantly what terrorist Muslims are doing are in total violation of Islam and Holy Quran teachings. At the same time they would have read quotations of Joshua in chapter ‘The Bible and War’ and wondered from where his followers are getting their teachings.

Please note: I am not here to discuss politics of Muslim countries or to defend stupid Muslim terrorist. All I am doing is informing what Holy Quran and Islam teaches.

Peace to followers of all religions.
End comment.

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