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February 16th, 2009

Reply on ‘Jihad Watch’: Quran and Hadith

Submitted by Rashid Jahangiri:

Begin comment.

Difference between Holy Quran and Hadith books (compilation of sayings of Holy Prophet Muhammad).

To assure purity of Holy Quran and to protect it from corruption, Holy Prophet Muhammad took number of steps. Some were:
1-Every verse of Holy Quran was put into writing in Holy Prophet life. For this purpose it was made sure that paper, pen, ink and some one who could read and write was readily available.
2-Every verse of Holy Quran was committed to memory by Muslims and they repeated it many times in day and night.
3-Holy Prophet had strictly instructed Muslims to NOT to write his own sayings. So that it may not be confused with text of Holy Quran.

100 years after death of Holy Prophet, by the time Holy Quran preservation was rock solidly done and its copies has been spread all across the Muslim lands, Muslims started collecting and compiling saying of Holy Prophet which had been transferred from generation to generation with references to the original narrators. Many people compiled such sayings and this kind of work spread over at least three centuries. Because of nature of the work it cannot be guaranteed that all such compilations are without error. Some Hadiths became part of collection that simply got corrupted by the time it got to compiler. At other times unfortunately, there were also people who created their own false Hadiths.

Luckily, Muslims have some standards and means to judge any Hadith to be true, false or in between and weak. One such standard is to check Hadith in question against Holy Quran. If Holy Quran negates the idea presented in Hadith, it becomes obvious that that Hadith is false.
Those who honestly want to look into Hadiths can click the following link and judge for themselves what Hadiths say:

A Manual of Hadith:
by Maulana Muhammad Ali

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One Response to “Reply on ‘Jihad Watch’: Quran and Hadith”

  1. Salam Alaykum,
    Thank you for sharing this information, as i was not fully aware of the facts and ways to distinguish hadith strength through the holy quran.