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April 2nd, 2009

Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din prevents Hazrat Mirza sahib from being jailed through judge’s malice

Our friend Bashir has submitted the following. It is possible that some small points of details in it may be a litte inaccurate.

At this link I have given the relevant pages from Mujaddid-i Azam by Dr Basharat Ahmad (v. 2, pages 975-980)

There is yet another story that surrounds the life of Khwaja Kamaluddin sahib in connection with HMGA that has seemed to be forgotten by all ahmadis (Q and L). I don’t have the time to write a perfect article on this event, which has blown me away. I feel that KK sahib loved HMGA with all his heart and he proved it in 1904, the story will impress any reader, I am sure of that!

In 1904, HMGA was stuck in a court case which involved Maulvi Karam Din. The story of the court case is quite famous. From my knowledge HMGA only had two lawyers that served as his counsel, they were Muhammad Ali and Khwaja Kamaluddin.

The judge was an Arya Hindu, he wanted HMGA to suffer one way or the other. This case dragged on with adjournment after adjournment, then, the case was transferred to another Arya Hindu judge who really disliked HMGA. This judge would not allow HMGA the use of a chair or even a drink of water, HMGA was almost 70 years old, it was very hard for him to stand, let alone not have a drink of water. This Hindu judge had it out for HMGA, he was bent on giving HMGA some type of jail-time. These were the conditions that KK sahib and M. ali were given. It was very important for them to be steadfast and cognizant of the environment.

This Hindu judge had finally announced that he would give his judgement on a certain day, then he strategically changed it to a Saturday. He planned to give HMGA a hefty fine which HMGA would not be able to pay, HMGA would be forced to spend the weekend in jail. Somehow, KK and M. ali discovered the plan of the hindu judge, I am not sure how they figured this out, maybe good lawyers are able to anticipate things of this nature.

[Note inserted by Zahid Aziz: They did not know the magistrate’s plan in advance.]

On Saturday afternoon just before the court was to close the judge called HMGA forward and gave the police orders not to allow anyone in the court room. But HMGA’s lawyer (I’m not sure whether this was M. ali or KK) brushed past the police officer claiming that it was illegal for HMGA to stand in front of the judge without counsel.

[Note inserted by Zahid Aziz: It was KK.]

The lawyer (KK or m. ali) appeared just in the nick of time, the judge had ordered HMGA to pay a fine of 500 rupees, immediately the lawyer presented the money, thus saving HMGA from spending the weekend in jail.

[Note inserted by Zahid Aziz: The fine was 500 rupees for Hazrat Mirza sahib and 200 rupees for his co-defendant Hakim Fazl Din. By coincidence, before Khwaja Kamaluddin entered the court room, a former client who owed him 700 rupees handed him this money, which Khwaja sahib stuffed into his pocket in a hurry without thinking.]

I read this story in Ian Adamson’s book, “Ahmad the Guided One”. Ian Adamson did not mention the name of the lawyer who saved HMGA. There is not any other book that gives this story. I am not even sure where Ian got his data from, Ian doesn’t give any references whatsoever.

[Note inserted by Zahid Aziz: It is highly likely to be in some Urdu book of the Qadiani Jamaat. Please see my link above which shows the relevant pages about this event from Mujaddid-i Azam by Dr Basharat Ahmad.]

All praise belongs to Allah, I understand that, I surely do. Allah allowed KK to serve in this capacity. It was Allah’s will! I hope the reader doesnt get the impression that I am boasting about the accomplishments of a simple man.

The link is provided below: see pg. 306

2 Responses to “Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din prevents Hazrat Mirza sahib from being jailed through judge’s malice”

  1. Bashir,

    Why do you say ALL Ahmadis (Q and L)? 

    We are very much aware of Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din and what he has done. It is the Qadianis who after 1914 started reviling him. I appreciate your bringing out these incidents from our history as they are a reminder of the level of commitment and piety that we all should have. But to us Lahori Ahmadis, most of them are known events. It is the Qadianis who need an education in this regard.


  2. I say Q or L because I have read alot of aaiil literature and I have never came across the story that I stated above.  Zahid Aziz has shown that this story only appears in one book urdu or english.  That being Mujadid-e-azam.  M. ali has a very lengthy biography that is in english, KK should also have one, Maulvi Muhammad Ahsan of Amrohi should have one as well.  I began to write about it…but I was sidetracked…

    My point is that the aaiil should have writers and researchers who are doing this work.  There should be research teams that are working around the clock to translate books and find references and other work of this nature.  Every book must be in english!!!  English is the language of the 21st century!!! Not arabic or urdu. 

    You claim that KK’s actions in the 1904 are a known event.  Please provide a reference to any other book where these events exist.  If you say that word of mouth has preserved these stories, then I have to shrug my shoulders.  Word of mouth only lasts so long…..