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May 8th, 2009

Sura al-mursalat

This has been submitted by Ikram.

I came across the following verses of “Al-Mursalât – Those Sent Forth – Translation by Nooruddin” with corresponding contextual implications coming to my mind which are enclosed in […] below:

77:1. I call to witness those (messengers of Truth) who are sent forth to spread goodness (in continual series), [literally – Prophets, Mujaddids]
77:2. Those that drive off forcefully (falsehood and forces of evil as chaff is carried before the wind), [by divine truth and logic]
77:3. And those that spread (the truth) far and wide, [by uplift of the followers/believers in all aspects of life, and their success becomes a global moral force to reckon with and the truth spreads by their example and dialogue]
77:4. And those that fully distinguish (the right from the wrong),
77:5. And those carrying the Message of (rising to) eminence far and wide (- the Qur’ân),
77:6. (And those presenting this source of eminence) in an attempt to purify (some) from the abomination of sin and to warn (others),
77:7. Verily, that which you are promised must come to pass.
77:8. So when the small stars will be made to lose their light, [literally – light pollution in urban centers where most of population lives; allegorically – prominent power centers e.g. British Empire, Lehman Brothers etc.]
77:9. And when the heaven shall be opened, [literally – by science and technology e.g. spaceships, (hubble and chandra) telescopes etc.; allegorically – unveiling of truth by free mind]
77:10. And when the mountains shall be blown down to pieces, [literally – highways; allegorically – dogmas and clergy of any religion]
77:11. And when the Messengers shall be made to appear (in the guise of one person) at the appointed time. (It is after that the Resurrection shall take place).

*** Then who is alluded by 77.11?

*** Is it Prophet Muhammad PBUH? But the verse speaks of the future while it was being revealed to him and that too in context of “end of times”?

*** Is it Mirza Ghulam Ahmed, who claimed to be a Mujaddid and allegorical representation of Jesus, Krishna, Mehdi etc.? But to my knowledge he did not refer to this verse in his claims.

Other comparative translations can be viewed at:

One Response to “Sura al-mursalat”

  1. May 8th, 2009 at 9:11 pm
    From Zahid aziz:

    Hazrat Mirza sahib has referred to this verse twice: Shahadat-ul-Quran (RK, v. 6, p. 319-320) and Tuhfah Golarwiya (RK, v. 17, p. 244-245).

    The former appears in the English translation of Shahadat-ul-Quran (by myself). Go to the link and read under “Coming of the Messiah” and see also my Translator’s Note 6.

    In Shahadat-ul-Quran  he says that “messengers” here refers to a Mujaddid, and writes that the word rusul can be applied to one who is not a messenger. In Tuhfah Golarwiya he says it refers to Khalifas of the Holy Prophet.

    In both places he has emphasised that he also accepts the “outward”, generally-understood meaning of these verses as applying to the day of Judgment.