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September 28th, 2009

Dilution of Hudood Punishments

Submitted by Rashid Jahangiri.

In the era where news spread in world with lightening speed, and presenting good image of a society and country is given high priority, Pakistan is making efforts not to look barbaric in dealing with social crimes.
In an article ‘From Lashes to Strokes’ author points out Pakistan’s Federal Shariat Court decision that has diluted punishment in Hadood Crimes.

I would like to know Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement position on punishment of Hadood Crimes.

2 Responses to “Dilution of Hudood Punishments”

  1. The backwards forward.
    A blog article by Nadeem F Paracha, in October 1st 2009 Dawn online:
    Early Islamic history has hardly ever been treated and investigated in this manner. Some early attempts were made between the fourteenth and nineteenth centuries, but these attempts were largely the work of Christian apologists who failed to take an unbiased and objective view of the subject and generated their work more as a way to pitch the ‘authenticity of Christian history’ against that of Islam.
    I am glad Muslims, particularly in Pakistan, are questioning stories related to Jesus. Mission started by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and continued by Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement elders is on the path to success.

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