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March 27th, 2010

Chance for Crankthatskunk to take me to court

I am making my response to the following part of the comment by Crankthatskunk into a separate post. (His other points I will attend to later on under his comment).

He writes:

3- I repeat once again, take my “Butler test”; not the hilarious fudge you showed last time, then find out; how I am compare to them. Find out who is going to run. Why don’t you take me on?

Zahid, let’s face it, you are gutless, you very well know I will destroy Mirza’s credibility and the basis of your cult. You will never ever take that chance, because you know I will fulfil my promise if you ever show foolishness to go to court of Law against someone like me. Do this and you will find out the bitter truth. I just laugh at your hypocrisy, lack of courage, and your capacity to make lame excuses.

Crankthatskunk asks me to give him the chance to take me to court. Here it is.

I hereby make the following statement about him, and he can institute defamation proceedings against me if he wishes:

His challenge to a debate is quite fake and fraudulent because he is on the side of those who oppress and persecute Ahmadis and who prohibit Ahmadis from expressing their views as is done in Pakistan. He is therefore lying when he says he wants a debate with Ahmadis, because what he supports and wishes to see is that their voices are strangled.

Crankthatskunk poses the danger of inciting people to murder Ahmadis. The organisations he supports have already murdered Ahmadis and burnt their properties.

I speak as one whose close personal friend, and Ahmadi Imam, was shot dead at point blank range in 1986 by a man motivated against Ahmadis by the kind of hate-inciting propaganda that Crankthatskunk is spreading.

Crankthatskunk believes that Ahmadis are murtadd (apostate) and that it is the duty of Muslims to kill apostates.

His question number (3) makes it clear that he believes in a violent jihad against the British government (because it was this war-like striving that Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad said was against the Quran). Crankthatskunk clearly wishes to incite Muslims in Britain to resort to violence against the state. He is therefore a risk to peace and order in the UK.

This should give Crankthatskunk sufficient grounds for instituting defamation proceedings against me.

One Response to “Chance for Crankthatskunk to take me to court”

  1. I think it is a wonderful idea if Mr. Skunk is willing to go to the court. I volunteer to be as co-defendant. Lets take it further. How about if we pay for his attorney’s fee as well, provided that the court is in a non-Mullah country?