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May 24th, 2010

“Quran gives no immunity, stresses justice for all” [Pak tribune]

Submitted by Ikram.

Quran gives no immunity, stresses justice for all [Pak Tribune]

– “Now that the ‘revelation’ of ruling PPP’s Central Information Secretary Fauzia Wahab that there was no constitution in the era of Hazrat Omar (RA) has ignited a new debate in Pakistan’s religious and legal circles, a thorough research of Islamic jurisprudence on the concept of equality and justice reveals that the Holy Quran had provided complete guidelines in this context over 1,400 years ago.”

– “It has also been reported on the authority of Abdullah Ibn-e-Zubayr in the famous Hadith book Abu Dawood, “The Messenger of Allah has ordered that the two disputing parties should sit before a judge.”

– “Therefore, any citizen whether Muslim or non-Muslim, must be brought before a judicial court and the case must be investigated by a judge.” [Excerpts]

Above is a very poignant essay about Justice in Islam. The issue arose after Secretary Information Pakistan People’s Party Fauzia Wahab came to defense of the Pakistan President by emphasizing the guidelines of Constitution whereas the Clergy in Pakistan emphasizes the Quran e.g. Mufti Naeem stated “…it is wrong to believe for a Muslim that there was only Holy Quran in the past era and now there is only a Constitution.” [Religious scholars slam Fauzia Wahab’s views – The News]

See for yourselves the double bind of the same PPP and the Mullahs who declared Ahmadis non-muslims in 1974 and were mutually proud to make tall claims i.e. Z.A. Bhutto claiming to solve the “the hundred year Ahmadi problem” and Mullahs claiming for themselves the huge success of ingraining their fatwas in the Constitution of the state. Lets not forget that both PPP and Mullahs circumvented the due judical process and investigation by a neutral judge.

Question to PPP and Mullahs: Are you willing to re-consider the clauses in the Constitution about Ahmadis and make Quran the sole basis of Justice especially in the matters of Religion?

Before they answer, I would like to draw their attention to how they gave short measure to Ahmadis then, and now that the argument is mutually between them, each is trying to short justice the other, i.e. PPP emphasizing The Constitution and Mullahs the The Quran. Quran is very clear in its admonishment about such double standards:

83:1. Woe be to those who make a default in any of their duties and give short measure.

83:2. When they receive measure from other people they receive in full (not allowing the least shortage and loss),

83:3. But when they give by measure to others or weigh to them they give them less (than what is due).

83:4. Do not such people realize that they will be raised (to life again),

83:5. To face (and hear the Judgment of) that Great Day?

83:6. The Day when mankind shall stand before the Lord of the worlds?

83:7. Nay, (not at all as they believe) the record of (the deeds) of the wicked is in Sijjîn (- the register of a prison)

83:8. What should make you know what that Sijjîn is?

83:9. (It is) a book written (distinctly and comprehensively).

83:10. On that Day woe shall befall those who belie (the truth);

83:11. Those that belie the Day of Requital.

83:12. No one can treat it as a lie except every sinful transgressor,

83:13. (Who) when Our Messages are recited to him says, `(These are) mere fables of the ancients.’

83:14. Nay (not at all so), the truth is that their (evil) deeds have rusted their hearts.

83:15. Nay (We repeat, not at all so). Verily, they shall be debarred from (the sight and mercy of) their Lord that day.

83:16. Then they shall surely enter into the flaming Fire,

83:17. Then it shall be said (to them), `This is that (very punishment) which you used to cry lies to.’

[The Holy Quran – Nooruddin]

One Response to ““Quran gives no immunity, stresses justice for all” [Pak tribune]”

  1. May 24th, 2010 at 7:35 pm
    From Zahid Aziz:

    Our worthy contributor Ikram writes: i.e. Z.A. Bhutto claiming to solve the “the hundred year Ahmadi problem”.

    In fact he claimed to have solved the “90 year problem”. Curiously, when he used to claim this, “the problem” was less than 90 years old. But in the very month that Bhutto was hanged, it was exactly 90 years since the first person (Maulana Nur-ud-Din) took the bai`at in 1889 and the Ahmadiyya Jamaat began.