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August 20th, 2010

The Arya Samaj and Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

Submitted by Rashid Jahangiri.

Arya Dharm
Hindu Consciousness in 19th-Century Punjab
by Kenneth W. Jones
University of California Press
Published 1976

I have come across this book in a library. I have not read it yet, only browsed.

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (HMGA) sahib had extensive published debates with Hindus belonging to Arya Dharm sect of their religion. Stalwarts of Arya Dharm included Swami Dayanand, Pundit Lekh Ram, Lala Lal Chand etc. HMGA prophesized about death of Pundit Lekh Ram, and circumstances surrounding it. His prophecy was precisely fulfilled.

Kenneth Jones has given the background information, objectives, strategy, and planning of Arya Dharm. He has commented on their literature. He has also provided short biographies of major characters in the movement. And how movement leaders ended up locking horns with Muslims.

Page 149: “In 1887, Pundit Lekh Ram published his first tract specifically against the Mirza [HMGA], Takzib-I-Burahin-I-Ahmadiyah (Refutation of Ahmadiya Arguments), Volume I subtitled, “A Gunfire to break the flanks and tyranny of Mohammad’s Islam”. Thus opened a war of words between Lekh Ram and Ghulam Ahmad. Each tract incited a counter-blast of criticism and condemnation, culminating in Lekh Ram’s infamous pamphlet, Risala-I-jihad Ya’ni Din-I-Muhammadi Ki Bunyad (A treatise on holy war, or the basis of the Muhammadan Religion). In Jihad Lekh Ram drew on the sections of the Satyarth Parkash which charged Islam with violence, slaughter, and a love of loot. He also turned to history for his ammunition.”

Page 149 footnote: “Ghulam Ahmad responded to Lekh Ram’s attacks in 1887 with Surma-I-Chashma-I-Arya (Antimoney to open the Eyes of the Aryas). Lekh Ram replied in Nuskha-I-Khabt-I-Ahmadiya (A Prescription for the Madness of the Ahmadiyas) (Amritsar: Chashma-I-Nur Press, 1888). He followed this with Radd-I-Khilat-I-Islam (Rejection of the Islamic Robe of Honor) and Ibtal-I-Basharat Ahmadiyah (Refutation of Ahmadiya Statements)”.

Page 193: “Lekh Ram continued in his speeches to denounce Islam, while his writings drew constant criticism from the Muslim press. “Takzib-I-Burahin-I-Ahmadiya….. is calculated to cause great mischief. The book purports to be a refutation of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s ‘Burahin-I-Ahmadiya’, but the Pandit, in utter disregard of the cannons of strict criticism has used the most offensive and insulting language towards Islam, its leaders, its followers, including the Prophets, and things held sacred by the Muhammadans [Paisa Akhbar]”.”

Page 194: “Three days later, the Punjab Samachar stunned the province—Pundit Lekh Ram had been murdered, assassinated by “a Muhammadan who was living with Lekh Ram under [the] pretension of becoming a Hindu again”.

Page 196: “Mirza Ghulam Ahmad published a tract in which he thanked God for the fulfillment of his prophecy that Lekh Ram would die a violent death. Rumor had it that prayers of thanksgiving were said for the death of Islam’s arch enemy [Tribune].”

This book creates a vivid picture in words, of charged environment of 19th century Punjab and clash between two champions of their respective movements i.e. Pundit Lekh Ram and HMGA. I think it is a good book for those who have read HMGA books on Arya Dharm/ Hinduism and are interested to know the complete picture of the circumstances.

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