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September 16th, 2010

Qadiani Tactics of Truth Suppression

Submitted by Ikram.

Qadiani Khalifas – II onwards and their insiders have used every tactic in the book for Truth Suppression when confronting history, personal character, external challenges, internal dissension, duping their jamaat, distorting and re-writing history of HMGA, preserving the Khalifat for their family and so on.

Those of you who have debated for years on different forums the validity of Qadiani Khilafat will eerily see the semblance of the following tactics to those applied by Qadiani Jamaat over the past ninety six years. It would be interesting if Rashid and others write examples for these tactics employed.

With regards to Qadiani silence about any criticism about second Khalifa onwards, read tactics 1, 2, 3, 5, 9, 10, 13, 18, 19, 20 and 22 below. May be all of 1 to 25 apply. Enjoy!

1. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.

2. Become incredulous and indignant.

3. Create rumor mongers.

4. Use a straw man.

5. Sidetrack opponents with name calling and ridicule.

6. Hit and Run.

7. Question motives.

8. Invoke authority.

9. Play Dumb.

10. Associate opponent charges with old news.

11. Establish and rely upon fall-back positions.

12. Enigmas have no solution.

13. Alice in Wonderland Logic.

14. Demand complete solutions.

15. Fit the facts to alternate conclusions.

16. Vanish evidence and witnesses.

17. Change the subject.

18. Emotionalize, Antagonize, and Goad Opponents.

19. Ignore proof presented, demand impossible proofs.

20. False evidence.

21. Call a Grand Jury,

22. Manufacture a new truth.

23. Create bigger distractions.

24. Silence critics.

25. Vanish.

See: “25 Tactics of Truth Supression” – link

One Response to “Qadiani Tactics of Truth Suppression”

  1. @Ikram
    Here are few examples of Truth Suppression in Qadiani Jamaat.
    Tactic 1:
    QK2 total control of minds of his followers:
    Qadiani Khalifa 2 (QK2) use to preach to residents and visitors to his Ashram:
    “It is okay to do “such” acts, as it is permitted in Holy Quran and Sunna [nauzubilah], just don’t publicize it”.

    His followers are on record of saying in reply to those who accused QK2 of immorality:
    “If we see with our own eyes, QK2 involved in any acts of sexual immorality, we will NOT believe in our own eyes”.
    You have read our Qadiani friend Lutf comment: “I am also aware of Miss Rufo. And I have no problem with it.”
    Tactic 2:
    QK2 instructions to his followers:
    Keep Paighamis (LAM members) busy with HMGA issue of “Nabi”, “Khatam-e-Nabuwat” and QK2 issue of being a “Promised son”. Never let them come close to questioning QK2 personal life, financial portfolio, policies, decisions, and political ambitions.
    Tactic 3:
    QK2 preaching to his followers:
    All those who question QK2 character etc are agents of enemies. Those who demand independent inquiry commission, have no right to do so because Holy Prophet Muhammad SAWS never formed such commission. This he use to say with out regard to the fact that no one questioned Holy Prophet  Muhammad SAWS character in his life time.
    Tactic 4:
    QK2 argument to his followers:
    All those who accuse him of character immorality are jealous with success of his mission.
    Tactic 5:
    QK2 vocabulary for his critics:
    Paighamis, Rotten peals of Banana and Oranges, Murtad (heretics), Bribe recipients, Mullah agents, etc.
    Tactic 6:
    QK2 modus operandi:
    He use to attack on beliefs of LAM elders (e.g. Maulana Muhammad Ali sahib) and then instead of listening to their answer and having a civil and mature talk, he use to absolutely go silent until next time.
    Tactic 7:
    QK2 attitude since 1914:
    He use to question motives of LAM elders (e.g. Maulana Muhammad Ali sahib) of not doing ba’it of QK2. His allegation was that Maulana Muhammad Ali sahib wanted to become “Khalifa”, and since he “lost” the election so he (M.M.Ali) changed his beliefs.
    Somewhat similar to Hindus who question another Muhammad Ali i.e. M.A.Jinnah for demanding separate homeland for Muslims because he wanted to become “Prime Minister of India”.
    Tactic 8:
    QK2 use of HMGA writings:
    He used out of context writings of HMGA to “prove” he (HMGA) was a real Nabi and actually invented the term “Ummati-Nabi”. With total disregard to Arabic lexicon, according to which word ‘Ummati’ NEGATES the word ‘Nabi’, as a Nabi is ALWAYS Independent when used as Divine Messenger, and he can NOT be Ummati of some preceding Nabi.
    Tactic 9:
    QK2 response:
    Never discuss issues involving his personal character etc. Only give his one-sided diatribe.
    Tactic 10:
    QK2 attitude towards family of Maulana Noor Ud Din:
    In mid 1950s he was worried that his followers may not elect Maulana Noor Ud Din son as next Khalifa, so he started maligning them by accusing widow of Maulana Noor Ud Din, for making plans to poison him (QK2), after he became Khalifa.
    Tactic 11:
    QK2 changed his position in front of authority:
    In Munir Inquiry Commission, when QK2 faced opposition and some danger he changed his beliefs regarding Muslims, by saying, “A letter of Masih-Mahud (HMGA) has been found according to which Ahmadis (Qadianis) are allowed to say janaza prayers of non-Ahmadis” or by saying, “belief in Masih-Mahud is NOT necessary for a Muslim”.
    Tactic 12:
    QK2 strategy regarding events of 1914:
    QK2 created so much confusion regarding split in Ahmadiyya Movement founded by HMGA, that it has become enigma for his followers to see the truth, and they have lost interest in it.
    Tactic 13:
    QK2 fantasy:
    His claim of “Musleh-Maood” based on his “dream” with absolute disregard to need of support from Holy Quran etc. He did not care to provide any support for his claim. Where as HMGA wrote ‘Testimony of Holy Quran’ for his claim.
    Tactic 16:
    QK2 solution:
    When allegations on character of HMGA started hurting QK2 Khilafat he got rid of evidence that was cause of it, by ordering followers to return ORIGINAL-FIRST edition of “Seeratul-Mahdi”, and it were burned. And instead another “first-edition” of “Seeratul-Mahdi” was published. And now Qadianis are demanding the “Original-First” edition from their critics.
    Tactic 17:
    QK2 training to his followers:
    Today when writings exposing QK2 character are mentioned to his followers, they change the subject by answering “You read such kind of pornographic books, because of your interest”.
    Tactic 18:
    QK2 failed in it:
    QK2 tried his best to destabilize his critics i.e. Haqiqqat Passand Party members, but they kept their calm and remained cool and continued their mission.
    Tactic 19:
    QK2 weapon:
    QK2 taught his followers to ignore all the proofs provided by critics of his character, and keep demanding “four witnesses” who saw him engaged in immoral acts.
    Tactic 20:
    QK2 twisting of facts:
    QK2 provoked his follower who murdered Fakhur-ud-Din Multani Shaheed in Qadian. When his name became part of decision of Lahore High Court, as the reason for provocation. QK2 gave another sermon and said to his followers, “you people go and do acts and I get accused for provoking you”. (This khutba is online on Qadiani Jamaat website.)
    Tactic 21:
    QK2 secret inquiry commission:
    Qadiani Khalifa 4 Mirza Tahir Ahmad during his stay in student days in England was accused of having immoral life style by Qadianis themselves. QK2 ordered an “inquiry commission”. Then report came, “inquiry commission says all charges are false”.
    Tactic 22:
    QK2 creation of new truth:
    QK2 surrounded himself with “scholars” who soon after his assumption of Khilafat “found every evidence” in the writings of HMGA to establish him as Ummati-Nabi and to establish QK2 as “Musleh-Mahud” (the Promised Son).
    Tactic 23:
    QK2 creation of distraction:
    In order to rally his followers behind him he used to create a bogyman and “great danger” to his qadiani jamaat from enemies (i.e. those from his jamaat who criticized his character).
    Tactic 24:
    QK2 silencing of his critics:
    He silenced his critics by getting them murdered, excommunicated, social-boycott, threatened to such an extent that critics had to leave Qadian and then Rabwah.
    Tactic 25:
    QK2 last plan:
    QK2 last plan in case he cannot control exposure of his real character and image was TO ESCAPE TO PARIS, FRANCE AND SHAVE HIS BEARD AND LIVE THERE HAPPY EVER AFTER.