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December 15th, 2010

Absurd declaration of becoming “a true Muslim”

Here is my response to a declaration published on an anti-Ahmadiyya website by a former member of the Qadiani Jama`at of becoming a “true Muslim”.

It shows the height of ignorance by him of the anti-Ahmadiyya stance itself! If this is what the anti-Ahmadiyya believe, then it is to our great advantage.

2 Responses to “Absurd declaration of becoming “a true Muslim””

  1. The anti-Ahmadiyya zealot mentioned above, Shahid Kamal Ahmad, continues to e-mail me frequently with various allegations. I answer the allegations, but he doesn’t reply to any question posed to him.

    I have repeatedly asked him to reply to my comments on his declaration. But he is silent on it.

    I proved that if his definition of becoming a “true Muslim” is correct, then that definition applies to LAM members even more!

    I proved that, by his declaration, Ahmadis are Muslims in terms of Islamic law, even if they are not “true Muslims”. I proved that he even regards “staunch” Qadianis as Muslims.

    During his e-mails to me he stated confidently that not even one previous mujaddid had ever claimed to be a mujaddid himself. When I gave one example, he said: This is only one example! I gave more examples and he is silent.

    He is also silent on many of my other replies.

    He also wrote absurdly:

    “The Muslim Ulema is aware that there are technicalities inside Islam.  We are upset that MGAQ decided to expose them.”

    So he is saying there are hidden weaknesses inside Islam and Mirza sahib’s fault is to “expose them”. How can he follow a religion while believing that it contains weaknesses which its scholars must conspire to keep hidden?

    Here is another absurdity by him:

    “Just wait until the Muslim world finds out that your sub-cult doesnt believe in the “immaculate conception” theory.”

    The Muslim world doesn’t know our belief and yet their Ulama put it to the court in Cape Town in two court cases, that Lahoris deny the virgin birth of Jesus!

  2. The home page of the website on which the declaration mentioned above (of becoming a “true Muslim”) is published ( has a disclaimer at the foot of the page, within which it is stated:

    “We have certain articles written by guest writers, who do not belong to the Anti Ahmadiyya Movement. These articles are included because their contents are in keeping with the aims and objectives of this website. Such authors may have written on other related or unrelated issues and including certain articles on our website in no way means that we agree with whatever they have written.”

    The declaration by Shahid Kamal Ahmad is a case in point. He is avoiding calling his former Qadiani Jamaat as non-Muslim but the “Anti Ahmadiyya Movement” declares all Ahmadis as non-Muslim. Likewise, if they published an article by Akber Choudhry, it would be covered by the above disclaimer because his views on the blasphemy law issue conflict with those of the anti-Ahmadiyya Ulama.

    A Muslim writing against the Ahmadiyya Movement may somewhere else have written that Jesus is not alive in heaven and will not return. The above disclaimer and get-out clause would apply to that case.

    There is one anti-Ahmadiyya individual (who used to argue with us here) who says that Islam is a primitive religion of ignorance, violence and bloodshed, unsuitable for this modern age. He says he is opposed to Hazrat Mirza sahib, and comes up with points he has researched against him, because he believes that Hazrat Mirza sahib has tried to “clean up” the “real” teachings of Islam! This person’s articles would be happily accepted by the anti-Ahmadiyya Movement website just by disowning responsibility for his other views.

    Similarly, they would publish an article by someone arguing that Hazrat Mirza sahib falsely claimed to receive revelation from God, but that person may elsewhere have written that God doesn’t exist and anyone who ever claimed revelation from Him is false! As long as someone attacks Hazrat Mirza sahib, it doesn’t matter to the anti-Ahmadiyyas what else that person says!

    They even distribute the pamphlet by Allama Iqbal (Islam and Ahmadism) in which Iqbal has defended Kemal Ataturk against the charge that he was sweeping away Islam from Turkey.