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July 16th, 2012

Issue 62

Issue 62 [@1:04:48]: Walid Shoebat, Author, Why I Left Jihad – “When I used to be work as translator at Loop College in Chicago the fund raising for Jihad movements for the PA, PLO at that times, we would do the translations for the announcements, or the flyers that we handout or put on the walls of the college. I remember the Arabic would be basically the facts. ‘Bring you friends, we are intending to raise funds to support our Jihad brothers in Lebanon who are fighting against Israel and what ever’ and then comes the English part. In the English part will be standard ‘We will be conducting Middle Eastern cultural party. You are welcome. We will be serving lamb and baklava.’ So the West does not understand as we get together as a group, our conversations are different. As soon as the Western would come into the scene then the whole conversation changes. It becomes parable to the Western mind. When I used to go to work, lets say during the Gulf War, used to go to work for an American company, everybody will be hovering around the TV set. As soon as there is a scud missile hitting Riyadh or something like that, everybody will be distraught, unhappy when the Scud lands in the American camp. And, I will be standing there amongst the American employees [and say] ‘Its too bad…that’s too bad, I am sorry there is loss of life.’ And, out of frustration from having to keep the truth of what I really felt, I would draw down the window [of the car] on the freeway when I am going home and scream as loud as I can ‘Allah-o-Akbar’– Allah is Great. Allah-o-Akbar. Because this is the chantation you do when the enemy is killed, when you win. So, if it was a victorious day for the Iraqis, when they landed a Scud missile, then it would be Allah-o-Akbar on the freeway and no body can hear me now. And when I went to my apartment, home, rest of the apartment were also Arabs from the Middle East. We would get together in my apartment, watch the Gulf War, and we would be praising Allah every time there was some incidence where the Americans got killed. But, it wasn’t the same face that we put on when we were in American environment. In American environment you play different scenario. You acted as you were on their side. So this whole facade, that is hidden from the West of how Muslim fundamentalists want to propagate Jihad in America, can act publicly.”

Rebuttal 62: Sorry Mr. Shoebat, your past does not represent Muslims in the world and neither you are the ‘insider’ to Muslims in America. You only confessed your own mind. If anyone thinks like you is sadly mistaken. With your track record in United States, some might even say that you are even damaging to Christianity.

Truth does not remain hidden for long. Thank you Mr. Shoebat for self-exposing the rancor that you hide, before which was for Israelis, subsequently for Americans who gave you the opportunity to live in freedom and finally for the Palestinians that you are from. You fully well knew that in the first Persian Gulf war it was an Arab country that was occupied by another Arab country. It were the Arab countries that lined up against the tyrant of Baghdad. But, you chose to root for that tyrant and not for a moment you had any remorse that it was the same tyrant who killed his own people, suppressed minority Shites, gassed Kurd civilians and in due course would pay cash rewards to the suicide bombers to blow up innocent citizens in Israel, that you claim that you once did yourself (Issue 39b). By above statement, you only told the world that you are not to be trusted, irrespective of whether you are a Palestinian or an American, Muslim or a Christian. Now it is America’s turn which is being duped by you [Wikipedia]. Once again, Mr. Shoebat thank you for giving us a case study and a living example of what bigotry means in your own person. Not for a moment you realized that there were Muslim-Americans who were fighting a tyranny, but you chose a tyrant over anything which is directly against the teaching of Islam that you claim you professed then. Should it be Islam or you who should be on trial in court of public opinion and in a moral court? It is hypocrites like Mr. Shoebat that Quran identifies from their attributes:

9:67. The hypocrites, men and women, are all alike. They enjoin evil and forbid good and withhold their hands [– from charity].

Interestingly, the attribute withhold their hands is obvious from this excerpt of Jerusalem Post – “And the Walid Shoebat Foundation’s working process is less than transparent, with Shoebat’s claim that it is registered as a charity in the state of Pennsylvania being denied by the Pennsylvania State Attorney’s Office”.

By his confession above, it logically seems that Mr. Shoebat found embedded in his own instincts “Taqqiya” and it cannot be excluded that it was his this ‘deceit’ which naturally gravitated him to the Taqqiya of Paul that he finally adopted – Romans 3 (New International Version): 5 But if our unrighteousness brings out God’s righteousness more clearly, what shall we say? That God is unjust in bringing his wrath on us? No wonder, he is now an expert on the documentary under discussion.


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