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July 21st, 2012

Ramadan declared in Saudi Arabia when moon sighting was totally impossible

According to the website the declaration in court in Saudi Arabia that the new moon had been sighted there on Thursday evening (19th July) and thus the 1st of Ramadan would be on Friday 20th July is mistaken.

According to the website, it would have been impossible to see the new moon almost anywhere in the world (and certainly in Saudi Arabia) on 19th July. It says:

“Seen (Saudi Announcement): Mrs. Lubna Shawly (MCW member) from Jiddah reported: It is announced in the Saudi courts, according to the observation of the new moon (moon is sighted in areas of Sudair & Shagra), and that the first day of Ramadan for the year 1433 Hijrah will be on Friday the 20th of July 2012. opinion is that this is a mistaken claim of sighting.” (See link. Here scroll down to Saudi Arabia under Sighting reports)

The actual Saudi announcement is quoted as follows:

“The Supreme Court of Saudi Arabia held a meeting in Taif this evening on Thursday the twenty-ninth of Shaaban 1433 AH, for the new moon of Ramadan of 1433 AH. The new moon of Ramadan 1433 AH is proven in the Supreme Court this evening on Thursday the twenty-ninth of the month of Shaaban, corresponding to July 19, 2012, by the testimony of several witnesses, and as true that the Prophet, peace be upon him, he said: (Fast when you see it and stop fasting when you see it), so tomorrow, Friday, to July 20, 2012, is the 1st of Ramadan of 1433 AH.”

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