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August 12th, 2012

Preservation and Arrangement of the Holy Quran

Submitted by Rashid Jahangiri.

Intro: In June 2012 annual conference of Imams of Organization of Imam Waris (Warith) Deen Muhammad was held in North Carolina, USA. Professor Hibbi Omar, Ph.D. (Grandson of Allama Noor ud Din) made presentation on ‘Preservation and Arrangement of the Holy Quran’. On request of one of the attendee Imam he repeated presentation in One Day Educational Conference in Brooklyn, NY in July 2012. A home video was recorded. Because of time constraint he was only able to prove from Holy Quran, its preservation and arrangement. He could not go over the part of presentation on historical evidence of preservation of Holy Quran. Hopefully, next time Professor Omar will control his frequent ‘epiphanies’ and ‘digressions’, and we get to listen his entire presentation. J

Recording is in three parts:
Preservation & Arrangement of the Holy Quran Part 1/3
Preservation & Arrangement of the Holy Quran Part 2/3
Preservation & Arrangement of the Holy Quran Part 3/3

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