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September 17th, 2012

Qazi Abdul Ahad of Darus Salaam, Lahore, returns to his Maker!

It is a matter of great sadness and loss for our Movement, as well as very painful and distressing to me personally, that Qazi Abdul Ahad, Librarian of the Ahmadiyya Anjuman Lahore Library, has passed away in Lahore on Monday 17th September 2012. The news of his death and some details of his life can be read at this link.

The title “Librarian” does not do justice to his work and contribution. He was much more a walking library of accurate and detailed knowledge than a librarian. More than that, he had great mastery over the Arabic language and grammar. He was a hafiz of the Holy Quran and had extensive knowledge of Hadith, classical Islamic literature, and Ahmadiyya writings, whether books or periodicals. At the same time, he was the most modest and humblest of people, and ever willing to help others with the benefit of his knowledge, especially of the contents of the Library.

I remember how happy and proud he used to be if any of his students showed interest in pursuing knowledge of the Arabic language at an advanced level.

Upon hearing the news of his death, I sent the following note to our Lahore Centre:

The late Qazi sahib was of enormous help to me in locating material in the Darus Salaam Library for more than thirty years. During the 1980s, in the days before electronic scanning of documents, he undertook at my request, which was channeled through the late Dr Saeed Ahmad Khan sahib, to photocopy all the articles of Maulana Abdul Haq Vidyarthi from Paigham Sulah and Ruh-i Islam. I have all that massive material in my possession, and have recently started publishing it on a website.

It is simply staggering to think of all those references and quotations from the Quran, Hadith collections, Islamic classical literature, and Ahmadiyya writings, which flowed from Qazi sahib’s lips. Then, before the days of the Internet, the large number of indispensable books that were long out of print, which he photocopied by hand, and bound, and made accessible to people, was a tremendous service rendered by him.

Our only consolation is:

“Everyone on it passes away — And there endures forever the person of thy Lord, the Lord of glory and honour.” (55:26-27)

Inna li-lllahi wa inna ilai-hi rajioon.

May Allah admit Qazi sahib to His great mercy, shower upon him His blessings profusely, raise him to high ranks, and join him with our departed elders — Ameen and Ameen again.

Zahid Aziz.

6 Responses to “Qazi Abdul Ahad of Darus Salaam, Lahore, returns to his Maker!”

  1. September 18th, 2012 at 12:04 pm
    From General Secretary, AAIIL Centre:

    Central Anjuman has been deprived of a great Scholar Qazi Abdul Ahad Sahib. We lament his departure as today AAIIL has lost its great treasure. Qazi sahib was a scholar of the Holy Quran, Hadith and Fiqha. He had command over the Arabic and Persian languages.

    Qazi sahib was a roaming library of Hadith and Hazrat Mirza sahib’s books. We used to mention to him a single word of Hadith or of Hazrat Sahib’s books and within seconds he used to extract the complete reference. He has a photographic mind and learnt Quran by heart.

    Qazi sahib led a very pious, dedicated and dutiful life. He was one the most punctual and active staff of AAIIL. We both translated four books of Hazrat Mriza sahib from Arabic into Urdu but most of the work was done by him. He was the driving force behind this work, therefore, the whole credit goes to him who made it possible for me to complete this arduous task.

    He suffered all hardships and difficulties for Ahmadiyyat and left his kith and kin for Allah’s sake. Qazi sahib was my teacher and my guide who not only taught me the Arabic language but deep insight into religion.

    Yesterday we lost this guiding star who kindled the Central Anjuman for more than fifty years. We are sure that he will never die because his deeds and his great services will keep him alive amongst us.

    Our hearts are grieved and eyes are in tears but we submit to the will of Allah.

    Amir Aziz
    General Secretary


    My grandfather, Qazi Abdul Ahad was a great man….we really respect him…he was everything for me…he always motivate me towards the right path….he was really an encyclopedia of books, knowledge, Deen, Hadees, everything everything….i have no words to tell his greatness here….

    Few last words for him……DADA ABU, Maray liay ab rato ko uth uth kar dua koun karay ga?
    miss u

  3. One more pillar of the Jamaat has met his maker. It is moments like these that make one reflect on what life is and what death is and what separates the two. In persons like late Qazi sahib and others before him, some of them our relatives, some of them our acquaintances and some who we only know by their works, it constraints me to state that bodies of such personages were only an instrument of God for the work they were assigned to do in this world. Work lasts, body does not. Not for a moment tears come to my eyes for their leaving us, because they fulfilled their Divine assignments and the baton is now in our hands. “Mission accomplished” for them, but for Jamaat it still goes on. It so happens that at human level we develop relationships and love that creates grief for us all and rightfully so because the departed were mortals just like everyone else.

    Qazi sahib has been recognized both in his life and in the announcements from the Jamaat for his lifelong dedication, works and contributions. Anyone of us who visits the websites of Jamaat for literature searches will appreciate the contributions of the “Librarian” who is physically not amongst us, but intellectually he makes his presence felt on each of our desktops. May Allah reward him in the hereafter and his progeny in the here and those of us who recognize and build upon the “Librarian’s” contributions for ongoing and ever expanding thoughts and teaching of the Mujaddid of our times – HMGA, and by proxy the Last Prophet – Muhammad (PBUH) and still by proxy Allah Himself. Amen.

  4. I met late Qazi Sahib during my visit to Dar ul Salam Lahore in April 2011. I saw him right after I offered Fateha at graveyard of another Qazi Sahib — my father, also a stalwart of our “little” Jammat. When I saw this frail looking soft spoken man with genuine smile I just could not fathom the depth of his knowledge of Quran, Hadith and our movement literature. I must admit that a thought came to me– so this is it. Our Jammat is just selection of frail fatherly figures like him?. Lo! I was so wrong at that moment . Ours is assortment of best in Holy War with pen whose number has been promised to HMGA in “Ilham” as 5000. Could it be a metaphor of our physical limits? I don’t know. What I know is this. These few handfuls are only ones who have held firm to rope of Allah in belief of absolute finality of Prophethood of Rasul Allah PBUH. No ifs ands or buts. The “few” among billion plus Ummah.

    When it comes to intellectual defense of Islam against marauding attacks of non believers, we carry that sword with pen tip in tradition of Rasul Allah PBUH, HMGA. We are the first lancers. We do not see our physical fragility but go with the might of Quranic injunction — Go in the way of Allah whether you are equipped with required resources or not. One can see the same on this forum. Way before recent blasphemous movie was known – another venomous movie in garb of pseudo intellectualism was made. No one! Yes no one among billion plus Muslims rose to this intellectual challenge but brother Ikram. He took upon himself this task of decimating falsifications against our beloved Prophet PBUH and Islam. After working full time, he stays each night till 2 AM researching and rebutting allegations in this movie for weeks, months and years. One can see his labor of love showing its glory on this forum.

    I say to all — we are here. If people like Qazi Sahib has closed his eyes as GHAZI in this battle of war with pen then be assured we will pick his pen and move ahead to front lines of clash of ideas. I am tempted to tweak Urdu couplet of Faiz:

    “Aur Dars Gahoon say chun Kay hamarey Qalam– Aur nikley gain Usshaq Kay Qafilay”

    (From our school of intellect we will pick the pens of our fallen our caravans of knowledge will move on.)

  5. September 20th, 2012 at 1:46 am
    From Prof. Ghulam Rasool:

    Qazi Abdul Ahad sahib was very pious and real knowledgeable person. He was Hafiz-e-Quran. He was very well read person. He knew Arabic language well. Whenever I needed any reference from Hadith or Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib’s books, he would get it in minutes. May Allah SWT give him place in Jannat-e-Firdous. Ameen.

  6. On occasion of annual gathering of Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement in December 1998, I was in company of my late father. Qazi Abdul Ahad sahib also joined the group. My father inquired about his (Qazi Abdul Ahad sahib) children. Qazi Abdul Ahad sahib replied, “Jis nay Mirza kay larr pakra, Allah nay oos ko ruja diya” (Translation: Who so ever grabbed shirt of HMGA, Allah made him affluent in every sense). Then he went on and told about his highly successful professional children. Since then I have looked into lives of many Ahmadi families, both Lahori and Qadiani families. This has been true in every case. Point to note is that despite being a father of highly successful sons, he continued to live a very simple life, in service of Islam and Ahmadiyya Movement. Those who know Pakistani society will be able to appreciate it, as in that society anyone who gets little career, or financial success immediately decides to move to posh area and wants to be counted among elites of society.