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November 13th, 2012

Nine or Ten Commandments of Moses

Submitted by Ikram

While perusing the web site dedicated to late Maulana Abdul Haq Vidyarthi sahib I came across an article by him – “70 or 72 followers of Jesus in Gospels?” He wrote it in 1964 as a reply to an accusation by a Christian missionary against HMGA. The missionary wanted to prove HMGA wrong as the latter had mentioned 72 disciples of Jesus (PBUH) in his writings, instead of 70 as claimed by the former based upon his bible sources. Vidyarthi sahib on the premise alone that Imam of age cannot be wrong, sought original Greek Bible and proved that 72 was the original number and the translated versions, the sources of the missionary were wrong. An interesting read that brings to forth the truthfulness of Divine sourced HMGA and the conviction of one of his humble follower who believed in the ilham of the Imam – “We shall not leave behind you anything which can humiliate you

With the above in mind, in Quran we come across 9 commandments not 10 as commonly believed. The pertinent verses below are bracketed by other verses with reference to Jews and Moses. Therefore, can we say Moses was given 9 commandments, provided the verses below refer to him to begin with?

6:151. Say: Come! I will recite what your Lord has forbidden to you: [1] Set up no partner with Him, [2] and do good to parents, [3] nor kill your children for (fear of) poverty — We provide for you and for them, [4] nor go near to indecencies, open or secret, [5] nor kill the soul which Allah has made sacred except in the course of justice. This He enjoins upon you that you may understand.

6:152. [6] And do not approach the property of the orphan except in the best manner, until he attains his maturity. [7] And give full measure and weight with equity — We do not impose on any soul a duty beyond its ability. [8] And when you speak, be just, even (against) a relative. [9] And fulfill Allah’s covenant. This He enjoins on you that you may be mindful;

6:153. and (know) that this is My path, the right one, so follow it, and do not follow (other) ways, for they will lead you away from His way. This He enjoins on you that you may keep your duty.

It seems that after the initial moral priming of the followers of Moses with the above 9 commandments, full Torah was subsequently given to Moses:

6:154. Again, We gave the Book to Moses to complete (Our blessings) on him who would do good, and making plain all things and a guidance and a mercy, so that they might believe in the meeting with their Lord.

The above is just an academic exercise, as the Message irrespective of being given to Prophet Moses or Prophet Muhammad, it is the same Islam.

Note: [text enclosed in square brackets above is not part of the original quoted sources]
Holy Quran – Muhammad Ali, edited by Zahid Aziz

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