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February 15th, 2013

Question about tomb of Jesus in Kashmir

Submitted by Abid Aziz.

An American researcher called Suzanne Olsson who has done research and written a book about life of Hazrat Issa as in Kashmir wrote following on her facebook page.

“Can some Ahmaddis please help me answer some questions? I have been asked questions about the Roza Bal tomb by Wikipedia editors. If we can provide the answers, the page about Roza Bal “may” be improved. I have been fighting hard for this! If anyone here can help, these are the questions raised…you can post answers here or send me messages. Whatever works for you best. Thank You.

“Suzanne, welcome back. Regarding edits can you please give a page reference for where James Tabor says Jesus in India is a real possibility? (My answer is the Paul David’s film, and Elaine Pagels mentions this theory of Jesus in India as well. I’ll get the place in the films and post them. There are quite a few, but if you know of additional religious scholars who support the theory, please include them)

This would be question (5) after:
(1) When was the shrine built?
(2) When was the shrine first mentioned?
(3) On what page of the Urdu translation or Persian original of [[Khwaja Muhammad Azam Didamari]] (d.1765) is Youza Asouph mentioned?
(4) What is the source for “Syed Nasir-u-Din (buried 1451)”

Can someone from our Jama`at help her in answering these questions.

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