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June 4th, 2013

Did Late King Faisal of Saudi Arabia Get Ahmadis Declared Non-Muslim in Pakistan in 1974?

Submitted by Rashid Jahangiri.

I received an email from a Qadiani Rind Malik. He sent attachment of a column by well-known Urdu Columnist, resident of NY. His name is Hasan Mujtaba. He is a regular columnist in most published Urdu newspaper in Pakistan i.e. Daily Jang. He also writes column in weekly Urdu newspaper published in NY, NY i.e. Pakistan Post ( In its issue from May 30th, to June 05th, 2013 a column is written by Hasan Mujtaba, under heading ‘Har Buraki Ki Jar Saudi Arabia Ka Badshah’ (Translation: Root of every evil is King of Saudi Arabia). Column is on page 10 of this issue on the newspaper's website:

Here is the direct link to text of this column.

According to Hasan Mujtaba sahib Ahmadis were declared non-Muslim in Pakistan in 1974 by then Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto under pressure of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia who visited Pakistan earlier that year on occasion of 2nd Islamic Summit held in Lahore. I know Qadianis give this reason for declaration of Ahmadis (both Qadianis and Lahori-Ahmadis) as non-Muslim under 2nd constitutional amendment in 1973 Pakistan Constitution. As I read same in column by columnist of stature of Hasan Mujtaba, I was very disappointed. I was not expecting from him to make such unfounded accusation. In column he writes he attended a wedding reception of Ahmadi (Qadiani-group) in New Jersey, I don’t understand what he ate there that overcame his better judgment.

Pakistanis, including Pakistan People Party elders, who are aware of politics in 1970s in Pakistan know that Qadiani-Group people collectively at organizational level on command of their then Qadiani Khalifa 3 Mirza Nasir Ahmad supported financially, voluntarily, and by votes helped PPP win 1970 election in former West Pakistan. That brought PPP into power and ZA Bhutto became its Prime Minister. That help of Qadiani Khalifa 3 and his younger brother who later became Qadiani Khalifa 4 Mirza Tahir Ahmad, encouraged them to interfere in politics of the country, especially in Punjab Province. And to keep pressure on ZA Bhutto, Qadiani leadership also started political contacts with PPP opponent party ‘Tahrik-e-Istiqlal’ of Air Marshal (retired) Asghar Khan. According to book ‘Bhutto Kay Akhari 323 Din’ (Last 323 days of Bhutto) by Col. Rafi-ud-Din, the military liaison in last year of Bhutto life in prison, Bhutto said, “Qadianis were becoming King Makers in Pakistan like Jews in United States”.

So to end the NUISANCE VALUE of Qadianis he declared them Kafir (non-Muslim). Rabwa Railway Station incident (in which Qadianis physically beat Muslim medical college students) provided a good chance to Bhutto to execute his game plans. Interestingly, in same book, Bhutto considered it as his “virtuous act” to get Qadianis declared Kafir. Nowhere he said that he acted under pressure of Late King Faisal of Saudi Arabia. Elsewhere I have mentioned how Lahori-Ahmadis became the innocent bystander victims of the 2nd amendment in constitution.

As far as Late King Faisal is concerned he knew Lahori-Ahmadis are Muslims. Here are two examples:

1-Late King Faisal offered Eid and other prayers behind Lahori-Ahmadi Imams at Woking Muslim Mission (Shah Jehan Mosque) during his visit/stay in UK.

2-In 1950s during his six months stay as personal guest of late Saudi King Ibn-Saud, late Abdul Manan Omar sahib spent considerable time in Makkah. During his stay posters against him by Mullah in that city were distributed, stating that he was Kafir (Nauzubilah). Late King Faisal was at that time was Governor of Makkah. He intervened and with help of Imam of Kaaba Sharif (Masjid Al-Haram) he resolved the issue.

So it is absolute concoction that late King Faisal initiated and pressure Bhutto to get Qadianis delared Kafir.

I wonder when Qadianis will realize that in era of ‘Great Equalizer’ i.e. Internet, their lies cannot remain unexposed. When Qadianis will realize they are only deceiving themselves and occasionally others like Hasan Mujtiba sahib, before people find out the truth?

I will try to reach columnist Hasan Mujtiba and keep readers posted on this blog.

King Faisal photo at Woking Muslim Mission Mosque:

3 Responses to “Did Late King Faisal of Saudi Arabia Get Ahmadis Declared Non-Muslim in Pakistan in 1974?”

  1. June 4th, 2013 at 12:36 pm
    From Mohammed Iqbal:

    @Rashid Jahangiri Sahib,

    So, who created the Rabwah Railway Station incident? Was it by the Qadianis as their opponents say or by Bhutto's men as the Qadianis allege?

  2. June 18th, 2013 at 1:46 am
    From Rashid Jahangiri:

    Information on mayhem at Rabwah railway station in summer of 1974.

    @Mohammad Iqbal sahib,

    Sorry for answering your comment so late. The best people who can tell you who, how, why and under whose orders Qadianis waylaid Nishtar Medical College students on their return via Chanab Express Train at Rabwah Railway Station. Of course current members of Qadianis won’t say publically what they did, but former Qadiani, a close supporter of QK3 and QK4 Mirza Nasir Ahmad and Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Ahmad Karim Shaikh owner of website has spoken publically about the incident. (A.K. Shaikh was leader of Qadianis who protested wearing nothing but under wears during winter to demand for better food and treatment for Qadiani Asylum seekers at asylum seekers detention center, in West Germany in late 1970s/ early 1980s. He was sent as leader of first batch of Qadianis sent  to Germany by QK3, who sought asylum. He was the person who physically pushed Mirza Rafi Ahmad, who was contesting against his brother Mirza Tahir Ahmad for office of Khalifa, out of the room where election of Khalifa was taking place in 1984 in Rabwah).

    I personally heard the initial inside information from late Abdul Manan Omar sahib’s tongue. He always had his well-wishers inside Qadiani Jamaat. One of his well-wishers, whom I personally met in his office when I drove Abdul Manan Omar sahib and accompanied him. He was at that time DIRECTOR IN FEDERAL INVESTIGATION AGENCY (FIA) OF PAKISTAN, and his office was in headquarters of FIA, in Islamabad. That official was also leader of Qadianis youth organization i.e. Khuddam Al-Ahmadiyya. This visit was in mid 1980s. (My understanding is that later he was also in charge of personal security of Qadiani Khalifa in later years, but I am not sure). That FIA official checked with Abdul Manan Omar sahib, whether it was safe for him to talk about QK3 and Qadiani Jamaat in my presence. Abdul Manan Omar sahib nodded in affirmation. The reason for me to write these details is to let readers know that there were people in Qadiani Jamaat who at personal level had great respect for late Abdul Manan Omar sahib, and kept contact with him and kept on sharing inside information with him. Even now there are people among Qadianis who have contact with children of Abdul Manan Omar sahib, and through internet many find more about him and contact his children.

    It is a well-known fact that Qadiani Khalifa 3 and 4 were instrumental in putting Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in the office of Prime Minister of Pakistan. Sometime Justice Samdani Commission inquiry report, on Rabwah Railway Station Incident, becomes public and details can be read there. For their help to Z A Bhutto, QK3 & 4 were among his personal friends and had direct access to him.

    I very clearly remember late Abdul Manan Omar sahib told people in gathering, including myself; medical college students misbehaved and made uncivilized comments at Qadiani females at railway station in Rabwah. Train had stopped at station for short while on its way to north. After the incident QK4 contacted PM ZA Bhutto, and gave him details. Bhutto replied, “Un Ka Moan Toar Datey” (You should have bashed their faces). Qadianis received green light from the highest office in the country. Rest are details given by AK Shaikh and others that how those students were followed, all the way on their trip, by Qadianis i.e. Khuddam Alahmadiyya, and train bogies/ cars carrying students were marked on the way back before reaching Rabwah, how using staffs (wooden sticks) students were beaten, and how Aziz Bhamri (incharge of Amoor-e-Ama, and personal friend of A K Shaikh—Both spent time together in Faisalabad prison in connection with Kalima-Movement of Qadianis in early 1980s) and others conducted the operation.

    Bottom line: At Rabwah Railway Station it was Qadianis who waylaid, and physically beat the Nishtar Medical College Students in summer of 1974 that ignited the anti-Ahmadi riots, that resulted in getting both Qadianis and Lahori-Ahmadis (who had no part in the violence) declared a non-Muslim minority on September 7, 1974 as 2nd Constitutional Amendment in 1973 constitution of Pakistan.

  3. June 21st, 2013 at 6:37 am
    From Rashid Jahangiri:

    King Faisal of Saudi Arabia was murdered because he was too ‘liberal’.

    Journalist Nadeem F. Paracha wrote blog in Dawn news online ‘Catch 79’, on June 20, 2013.

    In his blog he wrote on significant events in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.


    On November 20 1979, members of a shady and ultra-rightist Islamist group entered the premises of the grand mosque in Makah. (6) The besieging group was made up of about 10 dozen men, most of them Saudis. All of them were followers of Abdul Aziz bin Baz who was Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti.  Baz had been incensed by the presence of western workers in Saudi Arabia, who had been hired by the Saudi monarchy to manage the large amounts of oil wealth the Kingdom had accumulated.


    On November 20, 1979, a group of armed Saudi fanatics entered the premises of the Grand Mosque in Mecca. The group was being led by a man called Juheyman bin Muhammad. With him as his second-in-command was one Muhammad Abdullah. The group was made up of about a 100 men, most of them Saudis, but also comprising Egyptians, Yemenis, Syrians, Sudanese, Pakistanis, Libyans and at least two African-American converts. All of them were followers of Abdul Azizi bin Baz who was Saudi Arabis’s Grand Mufti. Baz had been highly critical of late King Faisal’s moderate reforms that had seen the setting up of the Kingdom’s first television station.  Faisal had also given conditional permission to the Kingdom’s women to work in offices. In his fiery Friday sermons, Baz attacked the monarchy for moving away from the path set by the monarchy’s predecessors, especially King Al-Saud (d 1953) — even though it was under Saud that the discovery of the vast amounts of oil in Saudi Arabia was made with the help of British and American firms. But Saud knew that to retain power he had to remain on the right side of the powerful clerics. That’s why, though flushed with oil money, he was painfully slow to initiate reform. Instead, he kept the Kingdom running on the ultra-conservative principles of puritanical Islam. No wonder, to Juheyman and his men, they were doing exactly what they were taught at Saudi schools and universities: Purge ‘false Muslims’ and ‘infidels’ from Islam. To counter the rise of secular Arab Nationalism and Arab Socialism in the 1960s initiated by regimes in Egypt, Algeria, Iraq, Syria (and later), Libya, King Saud’s successor, King Faisal, started implementing some soft social reforms. The Kingdom’s clerics accused Faisal of turning Saudi Arabia into a ‘liberal’ country, though almost all of these clerics were on the payroll and perks of the monarchy. In 1975, Faisal was assassinated by a member of his own family who too was a Baz admirer.

    End quote.

    Personally, I have heard from Qadianis saying Ahmadis (here they mean Qadianis) were declared Kafir by Z A Bhutto on insistence of King Faisal, and Allah SWT punished him by un-natural death in shape of murder for his unforgivable sin. But the facts are opposite. I gave reasons in my original post in this thread, that he was liberal, intellectual Muslim as he attended Lahore Ahmadiyya elders established Woking Islamic Mission and offered prayers behind LAM imam.  Above quote also supports my point that King Faisal was a liberal Muslim and against his nature to get Ahmadis (both Qadianis and LAM members) declared Kafir. Hopefully honest Qadianis will learn from above quote.


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