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November 2nd, 2013

Contribution of British rule to Punjab

Here is an interesting article in Urdu by a newspaper columnist on the contribution of British rule to the Punjab in preserving local history and culture, and how it is being neglected now.

I notice the article begins by saying: "Recommendations to convert the syllabus in government schools to Urdu will be finalised in November". I think news along these lines has been appearing every few years since partition!

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan also tried something of this kind. See:

3 Responses to “Contribution of British rule to Punjab”

  1. November 5th, 2013 at 6:04 am
    From Rashid Jahangiri:

    Was it wrong for HMGA to appreciate English rulers for their following policy?

    In the article referred above author Raza Ali Abdi writes:

    Column 1, line 7:

    “History is witness when Sikh rule ended there [Punjab], English took control of region, they immediately did some good works. Call of prayer (Azan) started again, Halal [Muslim way of slaughter] was resumed for which butchers were brought from Hindustan (parts of India ruled by English), Shahi Mosque [the famous historical Mughal Mosque in Lahore] was cleared as horses stable [this mosque is in vicinity of famous Mughal Fort of Lahore where Sikh Maharaja lived, and mosque was used to house Sikh Army horses beside other animals] and prayer rugs were placed”.

    I hope at least one opponent of HMGA shows moral courage to agree with HMGA for appreciating good deeds of English rulers.

  2. Expecting opponent of HMGA to endorse his appreciation of British –is like expecting another Bilal RehmatUllah in our times. Who would risk his life and still speak the truth.

    it will be even more painful for them to accept that HMGA promoted that Muslim employees be given time off for Jummah Prayers

  3. If the rules of British are followed in Lahore then traffic problems will be solved in Lahore.

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