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February 17th, 2014

Valentine Day – A ghostly Love or ghastly Lust in the name of the Son or the Father?

Submitted by Ikram.

If one casts a glance on the recently transpired Valentine’s Day, a few things come to light. It is a day usually associated with love that is primarily focused, besides others, on the bonds between couples, married or otherwise. Based upon this ‘love’ the ever present commercialism comes into full gear with its special candy, flowers, attire, jewelry, gift wraps, songs, movies and numerous other trappings. The undertones of sin, sensuality and sexuality on that day are almost synonymous with the very term Valentine, the name and title of various early Christian Martyrs and Saints. The love on a Valentine Day somewhat reflects the God of Christianity which is summed up by Khwaja Kamaluddin:

“we read of God as the Possessor of love. But love has got its wicked side too, if we yield to the dictates of lust.”

(GOD AND HIS ATTRIBUTES by Khawaja Kamal-ud-din, The Woking Muslim Mission and Literary Trust, The Shah Jehan Mosque, Woking, England, 1936.)

If Christmas is a Christened Pagan festival of birth of a Sun God at winter solstice, so is the Valentine Day, a reliving of Hellenistic festival of Lupercalia, a drunken revel of fertility and love, though with a religious twist after the slaying of two separate men with similar name, three years apart by the same emperor, at least one of whom was later made into a Saint (see link).

While keeping the dynamics of Valentine Day in mind it becomes difficult to understand Christianity as to where does it’s doctored love in the name of the Son ends and when does its unbridled lust takes off and is there even a separation between the two? It thus behooves to read Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s (HMGA) reply to a Padre who raised objections against Islam. In his discourse HMGA shines with his mastery of the Scriptures – Quran and Bible, the life and works of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the Christian myths ascribed to Jesus of Bible, Islam as a religion and Christianity as a formulated doctrine. He compares and contrasts these from angles that, unbeknownst to him, intersect with the above enumerated themes of a Valentine Day for their inherent insinuations that seem naturally embedded in the general Christian doctrine. In HMGA’s analysis, Christianity, which if from God, instead of acting as a bulwark against paganism, itself becomes the root cause of a dogma that is not too holy.

Read extract from Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad's book Nur-ul-Quran

One Response to “Valentine Day – A ghostly Love or ghastly Lust in the name of the Son or the Father?”

  1. February 24th, 2014 at 5:56 pm
    From Rashid Jahangiri:

    Christian Churches are Cause of AIDS Related Deaths.

    On the surface topic of this post may look preposterous. Bear with me, and read my post. Last week first time I read HMGA extract from his book Nur-ul-Quran (thanks to jury duty and smart phone). Link provided in above post. Reading the extract, gives me confident if HMGA is alive today, he would agree with me.

    In year 1999 I met a professor of epidemiology, in library of Loma Linda University, California. This is Seventh-Day Adventist Christians educational institution. The said professor was also some padre/ missionary doings some AIDS related research in Africa. Talking about preponderance of AIDS in Christianity dominated African country versus Islam dominated countries and regions. I bluntly said, it is the Christian churches that are cause of spread of HIV and AIDS related deaths in Africa and even in the world.

    I went on to explain why I made such a strong statement which was direct attack on his religion. I explained:
    In Christian churches female worshippers wear beautiful looking dresses which are overwhelmingly skirts and blouses with good portion of their skin exposed. Then during the service strangers men and women sit next to each other in pews. They shake hands. They hold hands singing hymns. At the end of service while departing give friendly and perhaps brotherly/ sisterly kisses on each other cheeks. Thus by the end of the service initial inhibition between unmarried people is already gone. But when the same pair meets outside the church walls the sanctity of church is already gone. So things lead from one to another including sexually transmitted diseases and other problems in their social lives which can be attributed to life style choices. To help him further understand, I acknowledged there are many deaths and perhaps more in poor Muslim countries, but they are result of poverty and illiteracy such as malaria, tuberculosis, dysentery and malnourishment. When we departed, professor was in some thoughts.

    I wish I had read HMGA book Nur-ul-Quran and some way to get it into Loma Linda University epidemiology professor hands.

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