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June 22nd, 2014

Forced distortions into Quran, Alas!

Forced Distortions into Quran, Alas!

6:71. Say, `Shall we call, besides Allâh, upon that which can neither profit us nor harm us (by itself), and shall we be turned back on our heels (and led astray) after Allâh has guided us, like one whom the evil ones have made to follow his caprices (leaving him) utterly bewildered in the land; (whilst) he has companions who call him to the guidance (of Allâh, saying), "Come to us".' Say, `Verily Allah's guidance is the only perfect guidance. And we are commanded (by Him) to submit to the Lord of the worlds.'[1] [Emphasis added]

5:45. …And whoever does not judge according to (the law) which Allâh has revealed, these it is who are the very unjust.[2] [Emphasis added]

No judgment – be it single or collective, and with a big name to back it – can bind us if it goes against Quran and good conscience. The word of God is the only criterion for testing genuineness of the Hadith. No word or action alleged as coming from the Prophet can be accepted as such if it controverts anything in the Quran.[3]

The previous section was aimed at the advocates who abrogate the verses of Quran because they can not reconcile some verses against the others. Abrogation is a simple way out for them from their ignorance. But, on the opposite, there are other kinds of advocates who draw injunctions from outside the Quran and then somehow interject their sources and interpretations into Quran. Once having corrupted the very basis of the Message and the Principles of the Quran, thereafter, they by using circular arguments attribute the source of their dogmas and fancies to Quran. Little do they know that they read their own minds into Quran, rather than what Quran is stating in plain terms.

68:36. What is the matter with you? How do you judge?

68:37. Or do you have a book in which you read [–besides Quran]

68:38. that you shall surely have in it whatever you choose?

68:39. Or do you have covenants from Us on oath, extending to the day of Resurrection, that you shall surely have whatever you judge?

68:40. Ask them which of them will vouch for that.

68:41. Or do they have associate-gods [– i.e. their ‘mighty’ scholars, experts, books and interpretations]? Then let them bring their associate gods [– against the logic and wisdom of Quran], if they are truthful.[4]


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