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June 28th, 2014

Ramadan Daily Quran Study, June-July 2014

Welcome to the Ramadan Daily Quran Studies for 2014

This year we will be studying the fundamental teachings of Islam, based on the treatment in the renowned book The Religion of Islam by Maulana Muhammad Ali. I will be presenting edited and abridged extracts from this book under various topics, along with additions by myself. The book itself is firmly based on the Holy Quran, from which it quotes extensively.

Ramadan Message by Head of Lahore Ahmadiyya, Hazrat Ameer, Dr A.K. Saeed

  • Fast 1 — Name Islām
  • Fast 2 — About the Quran
  • Fast 3 — The Quran: its arrangement
  • Fast 4 — The Quran: its collection in writing
  • Fast 5 — Sunnah and Hadith
  • Fast 6 — Hadith Collections
  • Fast 7 — Exercise of Judgment or Ijtihād
  • Fast 8 — Schools of Jurisprudence
  • Fast 9 — Faith or Belief (īmān)
  • Fast 10 — Faith or Belief (īmān)
  • Fast 11 — Belief in God: The existence of God
  • Fast 12 — Belief in God: The existence of God – Evidence of human nature
  • Fast 13 — Belief in God: The existence of God — evidence of revelation
  • Fast 14 — Belief in God: The oneness of God (Tauḥid)
  • Fast 15 — Belief in God: The oneness of God (Tauḥid) — Various forms of shirk
  • Fast 16 — Belief in God: The attributes and names of God
  • Fast 17 — Belief in God: The attributes of God
  • Fast 18 — Belief in God: The attributes of God — other names of God
  • Fast 19 — Belief in God: The attributes of God — man’s goal to attain them
  • Fast 20 — Angels
  • Fast 21 — Angels: Their functions
  • Fast 22 — Revealed Books: What is revelation and the need for it?
  • Fast 23 — Revealed Books: Revelation is universal
  • Fast 24 — Revealed Books: Quran as judge over previous scriptures
  • Fast 25 — Prophets
  • Fast 26 — Prophets: appeared in each nation, and Muhammad (s) came for all of them
  • Fast 27 — Prophets: Finality of Prophethood
  • Extra for Fast 27  Lailat-ul-Qadr or the Night of Majesty
  • Fast 28 — Life after Death
  • Fast 29 — Life after Death: begins in this world
  • Fast 30 — Life after Death: paradise and hell

This is the seventh year that I have been enabled to produce these daily Ramadan Quran Studies. I hope these daily extracts have added to our knowledge.
My inspiration and motivation comes from our Lahore Ahmadiyya pioneering leaders. They established the practice of the dars of the Holy Quran, both outside and within the month of Ramadan, in the days when Muslims generally considered only the recitation of the Quran to be their sufficient duty. This practice was then taken up gradually by other Muslim groups.

I wish all of you a very happy and blessed Eid-ul-Fitr.

 — Zahid Aziz

3 Responses to “Ramadan Daily Quran Study, June-July 2014”

  1. Dear Dr. Zahid Aziz sahib.  I wish a blessed Eid to you and your readers. Thank you once again for the yearly focused and an enlightening discourse during the month of Ramadan. You bring to fore the vast ocean underlying the verse 4:136 O you who believe, believe in Allah and His Messenger and the Book which He has revealed to His Messenger and the Book which He revealed before. And whoever disbelieves in Allah and His angels and His Books and His messengers and the Last Day, he indeed strays far away*. May Allah reward you for your efforts and the readers who benefit from them.

    For the unfamiliar contemporary audience, Khwaja Kamaluddin** summarizes the content and structure of the same verse in which he draws parallels between Fundamental Principles of every Human Society and the Fundamental Principles of Islam:

    Source of the Law (king, or some sovereign political authority).

    Allah, the Fountain-head of the Law.

    Intermediaries or functionaries of the Law.

    Angels, the functionaries of the will of the Divine Fountain-head.

    The Law.

    The Divine Book.

    Persons who first received the law and imparted it to others.

    Divine Messenger.

    Courts of Justice.

    The day of judgment (-Last Day).

    Utility, a guiding principle in framing the law.

    Divine measurement of truth and falsehood, i.e., Criterion of judgment [–Quran].

    Our appearance to receive judgment of reward.

    The Resurrection (on the Last Day).


    * English Translation of The Holy Quran – Maulana Muhammad Ali, Ed. Dr. Zahid Aziz.

    ** Adapted from: ‘Free Religious Movement’, Islamic Review and Muslim India , Vol. IV, No. 12, December 1916, p. 561, The Woking Muslim Mission and Literary Trust, The Shah Jehan Mosque, Woking, England.

  2. Jazak Allah! As in the past years, this series allows one to put some focus on the the study of the Quran.

    May there be many more.

    Eid Mubarik to all.


  3. July 28th, 2014 at 5:01 am
    From Zahid Aziz:

    I have received several other appreciations of the Quran Studies by e-mail from people to whom I send these in an e-mail circulation list.