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October 22nd, 2014

Council of Islamic Ideology, Pakistan

Submitted by Tariq.

The Council on Islamic Ideology (CII) a government body in Pakistan created to bring the laws in harmony with Quran and Sunnah, recently sent a list of recommendations to that country’s parliament labeled “Code of Conduct”. This code of conduct is what it wants the parliament to adopt. Among them is the following – a news report about it can be read at this link:

“It is an un-Islamic and condemnable act to declare any Muslim sect a disbeliever and deserving of death,”

Does it also apply to all of the members of the parliament from 1974 who declared Ahmadis to be non-Muslims? Does it apply to the members of the CII itself who declare Ahmadis to be non-Muslims? Of course not!! It only applies to some other people who declare other sects of Muslims as disbelievers. Whom they themselves declare as disbelievers are as such.

How ironic!

3 Responses to “Council of Islamic Ideology, Pakistan”

  1. I notice that this Council has also called for "a ban on religious hate speech". Ironically, the hate speech uttered against Ahmadis by the so-called Ulama of the CII kind is among the worst-ever in world history in terms of its venom, intensity and incitement to violence, murder and extermination of a community.

  2. I have heard there is a Hadith — something to the effect of: faith has to be pure like pure milk — now if someone mixes a drop of urine in it then no one will drink it. In the case of CII, it seems to be opposite: a drop of milk in urine.

  3. Well said, Dil Sooz!

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