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January 28th, 2017

“Islam ‘not sustainable’ in its current form and must ‘reshape’ to modern values, says religious expert”

An item under the above heading appears in The Independent newspaper of the UK. See this link.

"Currently, Islam is unfortunately a religion of isolation. A religion of migration. A religion of Turkey, of Saudi Arabia. But no religion of Europe, which advocates pluralism or prepares children accordingly for a plural society.

… European countries must lead the way in helping to amend the reputation of Islam, as certain Middle Eastern and African nations lacked the democratic freedoms necessary for such a debate.

Unfortunately, this is not possible in Islamic countries. They simply cannot lead this debate in Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia".

3 Responses to ““Islam ‘not sustainable’ in its current form and must ‘reshape’ to modern values, says religious expert””

  1. May 20th, 2017 at 7:59 pm
    From Abdul Momin:

    I was always under the impression that in extremely conservative Saudi Arabia, a handshake between a male and female was forbidden. However the US President and his wife on a visit to Saudi Arabia, are seen shaking hands with the King of Saudi Arabia. This can be viewed at the following link in Dawn:

    Have the rules been relaxed in Saudi Arabia or am I missing something?

  2. May 21st, 2017 at 5:54 am
    From Zahid Aziz:

    Before brother Abdul Momin's comment arrived, I looked out for this while watching our TV news here but didn't see such a handshake and assumed it hadn't happened.

    Perhaps Saudi men always had discretion to shake hands with non-Saudi women who do so.

    I also read that in 2015 Donald Trump criticised Obama's wife for not showing respect for Islamic traditions by not wearing a headscarf during Obama's visit to Saudi Arabia. UK's own Mrs Theresa May also didn't wear a headscarf during her visit to the same country in April (see link).

  3. According to The Economist:

    Women, foreign and local, must wear an abaya (a few get away with long coats) in public places. Muslim—often equated with Saudi—women are said to have to wear a headscarf; foreigners needn’t. (Source)

    It appears that May, Obama and Trump all wore something like an abaya. The only person I can think of who didn't is Ms. Merkel who wore pants. Good on her I say.