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July 21st, 2017

Truth about the life of Jesus

Someone has submitted a couple of comments under an old thread about the death of Jesus which last received a comment in 2009. So instead of posting them there I am posting them here combined as one comment.

12 Responses to “Truth about the life of Jesus”

  1. July 21st, 2017 at 7:55 pm
    From Hafiz Abdu Samad:

    Truth about the life of Jesus.

    (See this link.)

    All praise is due to Hayi the Omniscient Omnipresent. Peace be upon you all:

    We are only Muslim 22:78. No sects, as Quran says: Sect followers are Khawarij 6:159 and Hell is waiting Sect followers. We beleive that Mohammad(s) is last Prophet of GOD. We are not follower of MGA Qadiani in any shape. But let say Truth: If your enemy says: two plus two makes Four; should we reject his claim only becaz he is our Enemy? No. We should be broadminded Logical and rational.

    People in South Asia especially Mullahs are very narrow-minded people with tunnel vision. Quran is enough for a Muslim 12:111, 16:89, 17:12 and Islamic law is valid only from Quran 6:114, 10:15, 5:44, 6:19. Prophet left behind only written Quran and no any hadith. Hadith Books were concocted 250-800 years after Prophet and that Books are blend of Truth, lies, hearsay, and gossip. We can read all extra-Quranic (39:23) hadiths only as Crude historical Stock and Faith can be built only on "Book of Allah and his Rasool" and that book is none but Noble Quran. Apart from what Mirza GA Qadiani said and apart from what hadiths say; there is tons of PURE historical  multiple evidence with full track of life of Jesus and that all PROVES, Jesus died around 120 years age in Srinagar Kashmir and is buried in Roza Bal. Therefore; hadith that tells: Jesus died at 120, seems CORRECT and VERY CORRECT.

    Regarding "My life will be half of Jesus as mentioned in Hadiths", People could have recorded some words by mistake. In fact Prophet could have meant that my Life will be half from Previous Generation of prophets. There are 4 Human Generations in mankind history as per Life-Span of Humans. In Pre-Flood era, Max age was 960 year (of Matheosaleh). Adam 930 and Noah 950. After Flood GOD cut down it into half and life-span was max 480 years for centuries, then GOD cut 480 further into half and next Generation lived half life of 480 years which mean 240 years for centuries; In Torah GOD told MOSES, I am going to cut human life to 120 max. and 120 is again half of 240. When Jesus died at 120, its half is 60 year which is age of Prophet. There are more than 5 Reports in History Book called Bukhari and that 5 reports mention age of Last Prophet of GOD Mohammad NOT 63 but 60 years. Visit our website to learn tons of More Truth on this subject and also about Compartive Religion in General. Our team has over 40 years continous Research on the life of Jesus and you can consider us as the TOP MOST authority on this subject at present time. Allah Hafiz. Do not miss:

    And Quran makes very clear in 3:144, 3:55, 32:11, 4:158, and 5:117 that Jesus died naturally at old VERY OLD age (see word Kahlan in Quran). He died and then after death, his Soul was Raised (3:55) like all other humans 32:11. Kahlan Kahl, so lazy and aged that cannot even move easily NOT OLD but VERY OLD age.

    Ascension and Return of Jesus story has no trace in ancient hand written bibles of 4th Century. First canonical Gospel of Mark has no any Clue of ascension and return and hoax of virgin birth. We know each word of Quran and Nowhere Quran tells, Jesus was born witout father but our Mullahs twist verses of Quran. Read our special page on "Birth of Jesus". That both Hoaxes were crafted centurues later by Pagan Greek Priests when they translated Gospels from Hebrew to Greek. They translated Hebrew word Alamah (young lady) as Virgin and that became base of hoax of virgin birth. Our Mullahs ignore what Quran says but follow forged hadith in name of Abu Hurairah that Jesus will come and will kill swines and break crosses. All fairy moronic tales. Hadithers who follow fictions of Curch translate word WAFAT in whole Quran as "Cause to die" but when word Wafat appear for Jesus, they do TAHREEF of Quran and translate it as "To take up alive". Truth is: Jesus is dead but Mullahs escape from Truth by blaming MGAQ. We in no way follow MGAQ but Truth is Truth.

  2. July 23rd, 2017 at 4:14 am
    From Rashid Jahangiri:

    @ Brother Hafiz Abdu Samad: "Adam 930 and Noah 950".

    This does NOT mean Hazrat Adam AS and Hazrat Noah AS physically lived for 930 and 950 years respectively. This means their TEACHING (tabligh) survived for so many years. In Pakistan it is said, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto is dead and General Zia ul Haq is alive. Fact is both are dead, but Zia's policies and culture he created is still existing. This makes Zia still alive and Bhutto dead. The reality is that human life expectancy is increasing with development in medicine, and science etc. Hazrat Musa AS nation was forfeited (lose or be deprived of (property or a right or privilege) as a penalty for wrongdoing) for 40 years, from promised land. As it was punishment for that nation. Why 40 years? Because human life expectancy was 40 years. That one generation was punished.

  3. Rashid Jahangiri: They lived mean they were Hayi – Lived. Please do not twist very clearly statements in order to toe ur own agenda. To compare Age of Noah 950 with Example of Bhutoo shows, U are so moron and Ignorant. There is no any rational and logical weight in ur comments at all.

  4. July 27th, 2017 at 5:51 am
    From Zahid Aziz:

    The word used in the Quran regarding Noah, when mentioning the 950 years, is labitha or "remained" (29:14).

    On Hafiz Abdu Samad's website (to which he has given a link above), Muhammad Asad's scholarship is, quite rightly, highly commended. Let us see how Asad explains this verse:

    "… "and despite this great length of time was unable to convince them of the truth of his mission". The identical figure – 950 years – is given in the Bible (Genesis ix, 29) as Noah's life-span. By repeating this element of the Biblical legend, the Qur'an merely stresses the fact that the duration of a prophet's mission has nothing to do with its success or failure, since "all true guidance is God's guidance" (3:73) – and, as we are so often told in the Qur'an, "God guides [only] him that wills [to be guided]". Thus, the reference to Noah is meant to reassure the believer who may be distressed at seeing the majority of his fellow-men refuse to accept, all at once, a truth which appears self-evident to him." (Bolding is mine)

    Note Asad's words: "Biblical legend". As to such "legends", Asad gives the following explanation of why they are included in the Quran:

    "…the Qur'an often employs such legends as a vehicle for allegories expressing certain universal ethical truths; and it employs them for the simple reason that even before the advent of Islam they had become so firmly embedded in the poetic memories of the Arabs – the people in whose language the Qur'an was expressed and to whom it was addressed in the first instance – that most of these legends had acquired, as it were, a cultural reality of their own, which made a denial or a confirmation of their mythical origin utterly irrelevant. Within the context of the Qur'an, the only thing that is relevant in this respect is the spiritual truth underlying each one of these legends…" (Note at start of ch. 27; bolding is mine)

  5. July 30th, 2017 at 5:27 am
    From Zahid Aziz:

    If Noah's age was 950 years (and according to Maudoodi and others it was at least 1000 years because they say he lived 950 years after starting his mission), the question arises whether his contemporaries had similar life spans or their life spans were the ordinary ones of around a hundred years. In the latter case, it would mean he preached to about ten successive generations, and all these generations saw Noah active and at work. One would think that after two or three such generations had passed away, everyone would have been aware of his miraculous age and accepted him on the basis of that miracle.

  6. August 13th, 2017 at 7:05 am
    From Rashid Jahangiri:

    @Dr. Zahid Aziz:

    "One would think that after two or three such generations had passed away, everyone would have been aware of his miraculous age and accepted him on the basis of that miracle."

    I wonder the disobedient wife and son were from generation?  

  7. August 14th, 2017 at 6:07 am
    From Zahid Aziz:

    Here is Maulana Maudoodi's footnote to 29:14:

    "This does not mean that the Prophet Noah lived for 950 years, but it means that after his appointment to Prophethood till the coming of the Flood, he went on making efforts for 950 years for the reformation of his wicked people, and he did not lose heart even though he suffered persecutions for such a long time. The same is the aim of the discourse here. The believers are being told: "You have been suffering persecutions and experiencing stubbornness of your wicked opponents hardly for six years or so. Just imagine the patience and resolution and firmness of Our servant who braved such afflictions and hardships continuously for nine and a half centuries."

    The Qur'an and the Bible differ about the age of the Prophet Noah. The Bible says that he lived for 950 years. He was 600 years old when the Flood came, and lived for another 350 years after the Flood. (Gen. 7: 6 and 9: 28-29). But according to the Qur'an, he must have lived for at least a thousand years, because 950 years is the time that he spent in preaching his mission after his appointment to Prophethood till the coming of the Flood. Evidently, he must have been appointed to Prophethood after he had attained his maturity, and must have lived some life after the Flood also.

    For some people such a long life is inconceivable. But in this world of God strange happenings are not rare. Wherever one may look one will see extraordinary manifestations of His power. The occurrence of certain events and things in a usual form and manner is no proof that the event or thing cannot happen in an unusual and extraordinary way. To break these assumptions there exists a long list of unusual events and things that have taken place in every kind of creation in every part of the universe. In particular, the person who has a clear concept of God's being AII-Powerful, cannot be involved in the misunderstanding that it is not possible for God, Who is the Creator of life and death, to grant a life of a thousand years or so to any man. The fact is that man of his own will and wish cannot live even for a moment, but if Allah wills, He can make him live for as long as He pleases." (Link)

  8. August 16th, 2017 at 3:00 am
    From Rashid Jahangiri:

    Maudoodi sahib:

    "But according to the Qur'an, he must have lived for at least a thousand years, because 950 years is the time that he spent in preaching his mission after his appointment to Prophethood till the coming of the Flood. Evidently, he must have been appointed to Prophethood after he had attained his maturity, and must have lived some life after the Flood also."

    This means Prophet Nooh AS's wife must have lived around at least 900 years and his son must have lived around 875 years. Obviously prophet Nooh AS would not have lived bachelor for almost 900 years! Maudoodi sahib perhaps believed everyone in that segmant of human history must be living around 1000 years. 

  9. August 16th, 2017 at 5:42 am
    From Zahid Aziz:

    Rashid says: "Maudoodi sahib perhaps believed everyone in that segment of human history must be living around 1000 years."

    Then Noah's age cannot be the miracle that it is claimed to be in Maudoodi's last paragraph quoted above. Otherwise, the miracle applied not only to the prophet, but to all his followers and his rejectors as well!

  10. November 10th, 2017 at 4:13 pm
    From Hafiz Abdu Samad:

    Assalamo-Alaikum to every one again:

    As we have explained before, we consider Prophet-hood claim of Mirza G A Qadiani, false, and we believe in last Prophet-hood of Prophet Mohammad(s). Our Team has over 30 years intensive Research on subject of Prophet Isa. As per Quranic, Biblical, and tons of historical evidence we are reached to this conclusion:

    1- Jesus was FOR SURE nailed on Cross but was removed from Cross thinking he is dead but in fact he was in deep coma. After treatment by an Expert Physician of Essene brother-hood Nicodemus, Jesus recovered, and was brought out from already built tomb of Joseph of Arimathea (an other Essene) after three days. Jesus took guise of a Gardener to hide identity from Roman and Jews Priests. It is duty of every one to protect himself so Jesus did so too. Because he did not die on Cross, therefore; he was NOT CRUCIFIED as Noble Quran says in 4:157. If we see definition of Crucifixion, we learn: Death on Cross is binding Condition of Crucifixion. If a Person remains 100 years on Cross but does not die: He is NOT CRUCIFIED Wa Ma Salabu 4:157. Some Ignorant Fanatics says: How God could allow his prophet to be nailed on Cross? We ask that Fanatics: Then why God allowed Cold-blooded Murder of Prophet Yahya  (John the Baptist)? God has all Power and if God had willed, God could save Yahya too but God tests his servants. Near we humans, death is a great tragedy but people whom third eye works know very well that death is nothing more than to move from one room to other Room. And in fact in other room, you are much more alive than when you were in previous room. A Story of Mullah that Jesus was replaced on Cross by some Freak Judas is a blatant lie spread by hypocrite Monnabih. Prophet left behind only written Quran. 250 years after Prophet, defeated Persians forged first book of Bukhari and that book is full of Jewish and Zoroastrian folklore. We have read all hadith books of Shia and Sunnites and that books are Himalaya of fabrications. All Prophets taught only Islam (3:19, 3:85, 3:67, 3:52, 42:13). Judaism is product of Talmudic Rabbis and Christian Dogma is Product of two Pagan Romans Paul and Constantine. Essene were True Muslim followers of Isa. Quran call them Hawaari in 3:52. Hawaari mean who always wear White Dress. And Essene used to wear always white dress. Dead Sea Scrolls confirm, Isa himself too was member of Essene-brotherhood. Essene were the Hardest and most dedicated Muslims of human History. During revolt, Romans tortured them in all ways. They break their limbs & burned their body parts and were telling them to abuse your deity (Allah) but they never, Instead they spit and laughed on the faces of Romans to their last breath.

    2- A person cannot understand Quran correctly whole life unless he/she understands Quran only by Quran. Because Quran has its own built-in dictionary and its own built-in best Tafsir 25:33, 18:54, 6:114. Verses explains each other in multifaceted forms. Any one who tries to understand Quran through man-concocted books of Hadiths Sunna Sira Tafsirs Fiqa Nazools Contexts Idiotic Mullahs folly Imams, will NEVER understand Quran correctly whole life. Because that man-made material influence mind of reader during understanding the Quran & result is total loss in most cases. In order to understand meanings of word RAFA used in verse 4:158, just collect all verses of Quran on one page that used word Rafa & its all variants like Marfoo'a, Yarfa; and read those all with honest unbiased mind. It will be 100% clear that meaning of word RAFA in Quran is either to raise some one in ranks Darajaat honor, or is spiritual exaltation. Never Physical to raise some one to any remote part of sky (Pls note that Allah is closer to you than your neck vein 50:16, 2:115, 57:4, 58:7). Verse 32:11 & 10:46 explain verse 3:55 and 5:117, that After death, only Soul of Person is raised to GOD. Never Human body of Flesh and Bones. People who have strong approach in the field of Spirituality know; human mortal body cannot enter in Spiritual Realm of GOD. Just remember Moses: Who in human body wished to see GOD and what happened. Mountain crumbled into dust and Moses fell in swoon 7:143. Moreover If God is near to you than your neck vein then why Jesus was in need of to fly on stealth fighter jet to any remote part of Sky to sit at the right hand of God as Corrupted Bible claims and silly Mullahs believes too."Allah is with you wherever you may be (Quran 57:4)

    3- Mullahs and Sectarian Translators has crossed all the limits of moral bankruptcy, Forgery and Tahreef while translating verse 4:159. Verse 4:159 simply says: Every dying Christian and Jew at the time of his own death, will be told that Jesus was neither an Impostor (as Jew say) nor was he son of God or God (as Christian say). In verse Only death of Dying Jews and Christians is discussed; not of Isa who is already naturally died in 5:117.

    4- Mullahs and Sectarian translators twist many verses of Quran in order to validate their some false beliefs. They badly twist verses and add their own meanings in brackets. If Allah has not added brackets then why you add brackets in scripture? Brackets are one way of Tahreef which was done by Yahood in Torah too. In verse 43:61 nowhere name of Jesus appears but Mullahs put in bracket (Jesus). They infer wrongly from word INNA-HU used in 43:61, and translate Innu-HU as (Jesus), But again we tell reader: make a list of word Inna-hu from whole Quran. you will see that in many many verses, word Innu-Hu is used for Noble Quran. And word Inna-Hu in 43:61 points toward only Quran and never to Jesus who is dead in 5:117. And Quran tells: Dead never return 23:99-100. They cannot cross back barrier of death (Brazakh).

    5- Verses 5:116-117 makes ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CLEAR that Jesus was died naturally. Not at old age but at VERY OLD age (Kahlan). When Person becomes so lazy & weak (Kahal) that he cannot move here there easily. That could be over 100 years. Now again, please make a list of all words "WAFAAT" that appear in all relevant verses of Quran. It will be as Clear to you as SUN in the sky that meaning of word WAFAAT in 3:55 and 5:116-117 is nothing else but Natural death. We request reader to go to one of the most Popular website of Quranic Translation "Sahih International" (of Fanatics). When page is opened in your browser: Go to verse 10:46. You will see, they have translated word WAFAAT for Prophet Mohammad(s) as DEATH. Now go to 3:55 and 5:117 and read translation of same word WAFAAT that appears in 10:46. Now you will see, that Criminal Translators has not translated same word Wafaat as death but now as "To take up". Even a Person with half-paralyzed brain can understand here, this is clearly Tahreef in translations. This Tahreef is so clear as 1+1=2 but Brain-dead Fanatics who are being brain-washed by Mullahs and Imams from 1200 years even do not believe in so clear truth of 1+1=2? They are mentally sick and there is no cure of their sickness. They just escape from truth of Quran by blaming MGAQ. Death of Jesus has no any relation with MGAQ but with Truth of Quran which is always re-confirmed by history too.

    5- Now history: There is tons of historic evidence and full track and trace of Life of Jesus and that all evidence confirms again and again, Jesus died at 120 years and is buried in Roza Bal. Prophet Yaqoob had 12 sons; and 12 tribes, each for his one son. In 722 B.C., Syrian King Sargon-II and again in ~586 B.C., Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar (Bakht Nasr) attacked Israelite and took from 12 tribes; 10 as Salvers. Only two tribes were left in Palestine, Tribe of Judah (Yahooda) and Tribe of Benjamin (we say Banyameen the real brother of Prophet Yousaf). That 10 lost tribes were later deported to Kashmir, Afghanistan and KPK Pakistan. They all carry DNA of Israelites and even their 2700 years old tribe names can be traced easily in Old testament. So there is no any doubt at all that Afghani and Kahsmiri are deported Israelite 10 lost tribes. Jesus was fully aware about that. This is why: He sent his right-hand Saint Thomas to India to build the oldest Churches in India. In Gospel of Matthew: Jesus is telling his Friends: Do not go to Gentiles (non-Israelite) but go to Lost Sheep (lost 10 tribes) of Israel for preaching. And that are in Kashmir and Afghanistan & KPK Pak now. This is why, after failed Crucifixion, Jesus moved secretly to Damascus and lived with his loyal disciple Ananias. But Romans knew that Jesus is survived and now is in Damascus. They sent Roman Policeman Paul (who later invented Christianity) to Damascus to arrest Jesus in order to try him again on Cross. But Jesus was informed by GOD and he swiftly moved to Turkish City Nisibian, then to Iran and in Iran he healed many patients of leprosy. So he was named by people there YUZ ASAPH (an Healer). He had many debates with Zoroastrian Priests and told them, U are making mistake by worshiping fire and Sun. Then he Moved to Heraat Afghanistan then to Taxila and attended marriage party of daughter of Buddhist King of Taxila along with Thomas. Jesus had VERY good relation with Buddhists, even he went to Kapilavasto (birth place of Buddha) and stayed their for months and took part in their meditations. At that time Buddhist used to belief in one God and their practices were like we Muslims of today. Later they were corrupted. From Taxila (after war of King/Raja of Taxila with other Raja), Jesus moved to Murree and then to Srinagar where he preached whole life and died at 120 and was buried in Rozabal.   

    6- Thu we we do not support any Sharia law but only from Quran 6:114, 10:15, 6:19, 25:23, 16:116, 5:44 but we here give reference from books of hadiths that Hadithers follow: There are over 20 reports in TOP Famous Books of Tafsirs and hadiths that tell: Jesus lived 120 years. It is very clear when some one tells you that Mr Gamma lived 60 years and Mr Majah lived 99 years; its mean: they died at age of 60 and 99 respectively. Only a Person suffering from dementia can seek discord in this matter.

    Three Greatest Hoaxes of Mankind History:

    First Hoax: Hoax of Virgin Birth was manufactured by Church in order to show new converts that Christian dogma is a Superior dogma. They translated word “Almah” (young lady) of Isaiah 7:14 as "A Virgin" and crafted hoax of virgin birth. Later, our Stupid Mullahs and pseudo scholars crudely twisted many Quranic verses to validate this hoax. Read our special Page on Birth of Jesus, at:

    Second Hoax: Later Church fabricated another Hoax of Ascension and Return of Jesus in order to show new Converts that Christianity is superior to Islam, as they claimed, Mohammad is on ground but Jesus lives in Heavens, an attempt to fool new converts. Read our magnum opus best scholarly page on this hoax at >

    Third Hoax: In order to counter Christians; Zoroastrian Pseudo Hadith Imams forged tale of Night Journey (Miraaj) through which they also blended five Zoroastrian namaz rituals in Islam in year 773 A.D. Salat of Quran is never Rituals. Read our special-page on this subject. In fact an encyclopedia on Quranic Salat at:

    Please note: That in all oldest copies of bible, above-given hoaxes never exist. Quran tells: Jesus did not die on Cross 4:157 but Noble Quran also confirms natural death of Jesus at very old age in 3:55, 4:158, 5:116-117, 3:144 but our Ignorant vile Mullahs, Imams and their brain-dead hypnotized blind-followers escape from this truth of Quran by blaming Impostor Mirza G A Qadiani. Read tons of more truth at:

    From our side: Debate on this subject is closed because we have told U all that we know about this subject. For more info please visit three links given above. and also our main page

    God bless U all and May Allah Al-Haadi guide us and you all to Truth and rescue U all from the Grip of Satanic Mullahs and Folly Imams who are badly deceiving we blindly following Muslims (7:179, 2:170, 9:31, 8:22) at least from 1200 years.

    Hafiz Abdu Samad

  11. November 10th, 2017 at 7:05 pm
    From Hafiz Abdu Samad:

    Quran 39:18 "who listen [closely] to all that is said, and follow the best of it: [for] it is they whom God has graced with His guidance, and it is they who are [truly] endowed with insight! ".

    When we Quote any passage from Mohammad Asad or Allama Iqbal or G A Pervaiz, that never mean we believe in all what they all wrote. Our team once made study of all English Translations of Quran (over 80) in the light of Arabics roots of words and Arabic literature that existed at the time of landing of Quran, and as Final Decision-Maker "The Quran's own built-in Dictionary and Quarn's own built in Tafsir"; and We found no any even one Translation "Perfect". Translations of Mohammad Asad, Mohammad Ali, GA Pervaiz, Shakir, Shabbir M.D were found compatively better than all others but even that ones were not free of oversights and twists. One of the Most twisted was found of Dr Mohsen Khan and Dr Hilali Khan which is read in Saudi Arabia. We found one of the most rewareded and high ranked Professors of Islamic Universities of Saudi Arabia Dr. Azami, in fact a Big Jaahil; and following our page refutes all works of Azami :  

    Refuting all works of Mustafa Al-A’zami about Hadith & Sunna

  12. Both, the proponents and opponents of Hadith, in their respective advocacy have missed the forest for the trees. The former lift the Hadith almost at par with Quran, whereas the latter reject it altogether because it is not Quran. As a corollary, the former elevate the Hadith collectors to a divine status, whereas, the latter reject them as ‘forgers,” without realizing that the contextually similar Hadiths are quoted by different collectors living temporally and geographically in different places.

    Where they both err in their conclusions is that Hadith collectors, in their modern equivalents, are the crime scene evidence collectors, who, using some reasonable standards and techniques, collected the evidence of the events of the past, specifically what the Prophet said or did. Despite strict standards, sometime some ‘garbage’ too gets collected from the scene.

    The key in crime scene evidence collection is that once the evidence is collected, it is not the evidence collector, but the judge who decides to accept or reject the evidence. In the case of Hadiths, that judge is the READER OF THE HADITH, whether to accept or reject a given Hadith individually for its merits or demerits.

    As coached by HMGA and others after him, I, as a reader of Hadith, use Quran, the history and common sense as the standard to first reconcile the Hadith before it is rejected. Thankfully to Bukhari and others, our Prophet has been saved from being lost into obscurity, mythology and legends like the former prophets. Imagine a world of Islam in which there were no Hadith collections and then compare and  contrast the human aspect of the Prophet that Muslims have of him versus the super-natural or debased identities of Prophets Enoch, Noah, Lot, David, Solomon, Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Rama, Krishna etc. among their respective followers. Prophet Muhammad (s) stands distinct, separated from fiction and rest of the crowd because of Hadiths.

    Quite significantly, Hadiths become exegesis of the Quran, and who else would qualify for the top exegete position but the Prophet. All this we know is because of the Hadiths. Thank you Bukhari (and others similar Hadith collectors). 

    P.S. Anyone belonging to the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement factually agrees with what is stated above by Hafiz Abdu Samad i.e.“…we consider Prophet-hood claim of Mirza G A Qadiani, false, and we believe in last Prophet-hood of Prophet Mohammad(s),” for the mere fact that Mirza G A Qadiani never claimed prophet-hood for himself and it is falsely attributed to him. Thank you Mr. Samad for emphasizing that, which this organization has been preaching for over a century. 

    Additionally, a dead Jesus (s) is better for Islam, then a physically alive one. Besides finalizing the prophet-hood of Muhammad (s), at least it benefits the world peace, as a dead Jesus(s) buries the bloody Mehdi as well.