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July 31st, 2010

Florida Church Plans ‘Burn a Quran’ Day to Mark 9/11

Submitted by Ikram.

Florida Church Plans ‘Burn a Quran’ Day to Mark 9/11 – The Christian Post.

If we analyze the above linked news article, it highlights the following:

Hate masqueraded as protest:
“We only did it because we felt there needed to be an outcry against Islam, because Islam is presenting itself as a religion of peace,” explained Dr. Terry Jones, senior pastor of Dove World Outreach Center, to The Christian Post on Tuesday.

Underlying fears of the church coming to surface:
“We see the effects of Islam on Europe. As it has done nothing, Islam is beginning to take over there,” he added.

Religion as the last refuge of the scoundrel:
Participants of the burning plan to light up Qurans on the church property to remember the victims of 9/11 and to “stand against the evil of Islam,” according to the group’s Facebook.

A rational response from Muslims:
The Council on American-Islam Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim advocacy group, has responded to news of the “International Burn A Quran Day” by announcing an educational “Share the Quran” dinner on Sept. 11, which falls during Ramadan. “American Muslims and other people of conscience should support positive educational efforts to prevent the spread of Islamophobia,” remarked Ibrahim Hooper, national communications director of CAIR.

The work cut out for Muslims to change the negative perception:
A survey released by LifeWay Research in April found that 42 percent of Protestant pastors believe Islam “promotes violence” and more than half agree with a statement by well-known evangelist Franklin Graham, who said Islam is an “evil” religion.

See also the blog post on Time Magazine:
Following Newt’s Advice – link

Something that AAIIL can do is to call the said pastor, Dr. Terry Jones to a dialogue and debate on this forum. And to send him and Newt Gingrich the book “Islam, Peace and Tolerance” by Dr. Zahid Aziz

6 Responses to “Florida Church Plans ‘Burn a Quran’ Day to Mark 9/11”

  1. August 3rd, 2010 at 6:03 pm
    From Muhammad Ali:

    I do agree with the proposal that someone from us living (most suitable will be someone) in USA or UK should take contact and should atleast try once to present our arguments. We should not be worried whether such an excercise will be worth or not. We should just try our best to communicate our message.

  2. Christianophobia: The Lesson of Terry Jones – Tim Padgett [TIME]

    Excerpt – Let’s hope Gainesville’s interfaith attitude now spreads. Maybe the Jones scare will prompt more Christian, Jewish and Muslim congregations to hold joint Father’s Day services that honor their common ancestral link to Abraham — and remind Christians that burning a Koran means torching a text that mentions Jesus in reverential terms almost 100 times.

    The whole article is worth re-quoting. Please read if for yourselves – link

    Interview with Pastor Jones’ Daughter – ‘Papa, Don’t Do It’ [Der Spiegel]

    Excerpt – I am shocked and condemn it. When I hear what he is currently saying in interviews about his motivations, he seems like a stranger to me…Both [Terry Jones and his wife] are extremely obsessed with power. I saw genuine religious delusion. A typical indication of a sect. Both of them wanted to control everything. – link

    Islamophobe’s Past in Germany – Terry Jones Accused of ‘Spiritual Abuse’ at Cologne Church – Yassin Musharbash and Dominik Peters [Der Spiegel]

    Excerpt – Former church members are still undergoing therapy as a result of “spiritual abuse,” Schäfer said. According to Schäfer, Jones urged church members to beat their children with a rod and also taught “a distinctive demonology” and conducted brainwashing.

    “Terry Jones appears to have a delusional personality,” speculates Schäfer. When he came to Germany in the 1980s, Jones apparently considered Cologne “a city of Hell that was founded by Nero’s mother,” while he thought Germany was “a key country for the supposed Christian revival of Europe,” Schäfer says. – link

  3. The distinguished British newspaper columnist, Simon Heffer, a man of high education and erudition, writes as follows in his Saturday column in the Daily Telegraph on 10th September:

    Islam could turn the other cheek

    The world waits to see whether a bonkers preacher in America burns a Koran today, or sticks to what we thought was his promise not to. This silly and dangerously offensive act, if it takes place, would however provide a tremendous PR opportunity to the Muslim world.

    The Islamic instinct would be to exact a bloody revenge, whether on the individuals concerned, America in general, or on random targets in Christendom. How much better for them to prove wrong the idea of Islam as a violent creed and show that it is a peace-loving religion, by simply turning the other cheek. Islam would gain enhanced respect, and the Koran burners would be more damaged than if they were to be killed.”

    (See under this link, the second topic.)

    I think there is much wisdom in this advice. It is supported by some verses of the Holy Quran.

  4. On 9/11/2010 in Columbus, Ohio an Interfaith Solidarity Event: “Burn NO Sacred Books” was held. Representatives of different religions and of different Muslim organizations, including LAM, Ohio, USA made speeches.
    LAM member Fazeel Khan Esq. Represented LAM:!
    Compilation of highlights:

  5. Michael Moore: Mosque fits at ground zero.
    Author and filmmaker Michael Moore says there should be a mosque at ground zero not just near it.
    Michael Moore Raises $50,000 for Islamic Center Near Ground Zero

  6. Blog on 9/11 Interfaith event quotes Fazeel Khan Esq:

    Fazeel Khan of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Islamic Society read Al-Fatiha, the opening surah of the Qur’an, which describes the chief attributes of God: Rabb (one who creates, nourishes, fosters), Rahman (beneficent), Rahim (merciful, rewarding), and Malik (just).

    “It is my sincere prayer for all of us today that we try to incorporate these attributes in our own daily lives,” Khan said. ”May we incorporate the attribute of Rabb by nourishing each other spiritually. May we incorporate the attribute of Rahman by being tolerant and understanding of one another. May we incorporate the attribute of Rahim by supporting and encouraging one another in good works. May we incorporate the attribute of Malik by focusing on each other’s goodness and forgiving each other for our faults.”