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July 5th, 2012

Nasir Ahmad Sultani’s claim

Submitted by Rashid Jahangiri

My two reasons for writing blog on him.

1-Nasir Ahmad Sultani on his website has his speech in which he mentioned my name in a negative sense. He also negatively mentioned names of Dr. Zahid Aziz, Dr. Noman Malik, Mrs. Samina Malik, Shahid Aziz, and Amir Aziz. Link is provided at the bottom of this blog.

2-I receive emails from his naïve followers promoting Nasir Ahmad Sultani claim of Mujjadid of 15th Islamic century, at the same time avoiding my probing questions about their “Mujjadid”.

Nasir Ahmad Sultani has been member of Qadiani Cult until last couple of years. On his website he has posted his photos graduating from Qadiani Murrabi (missionary) School in Rabwah and with other elders of Qadianis. He has also posted photos in which he has stethoscope resting around his neck. From photos he creates impression as if he is medical doctor such as M.B.B.S. (i.e. Physician of modern western evidence based medicine). He falsely gives impression that he can identify cardiac murmurs and arrhythmias with tubes hanging around his neck.

Professor Dr. Munir ud Din Ahmad, Ph.D is professor of Oriental Sciences, based in Hamburg Germany. He is former Qadiani. He was Waqaf-e-Zindghi, missionary to Germany and graduate of Qadiani Murrabi School in Rabwah. The same Murrabi School from which Nasir Ahmad Sultani is proud of graduating. Dr. Munir ud Din Ahmad has written his autobiography in Urdu language. Title of his book is ‘Dhaltay Syae’. In his book he has given details of life of student days and of culture of Qadiani Murrabi School and its Hostel of young male students. He has even given names of elders of today’s Qadianis. Picture he has sketched is of Qadiani Murrabis drenched in immorality. I only mentioned this detail here because Nasir Ahmad Sultani has made claim of divine appointment. Otherwise Allah SWT is Sattar and He covers weaknesses of his imperfect, sinner and weak servants.

In my curiosity to find out about the new claimant of “divine appointment” Nasir Ahmad Sultani, I inquired about any scholarly works on Islam he has published. I consider it a fair question, as I don’t live in his neighborhood, and on the other hand he is trying to reach people including myself across the world through modern means of communication. In reply his NAÏVE FOLLOWERS reply, “Did Holy Prophet Muhmmad SAWS wrote book before he made his claim of messenger-hood?” (Nasir Ahmad Sultani is lucky that he is in Sri Lanka seeking political asylum otherwise some Pakistani Mullah would have made him history for equating himself to Holy Prophet Muhammad SAWS).

Following tradition of Holy Prophet Muhammad SAWS, when it is demanded he should put his personal character for scrutiny, I get reply from Nasir Ahmad Sultani’s NAÏVE FOLLOWER, “your mind is preoccupied”.

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib had many opponents. The leader of their opponent was Maulvi Muhammad Hussain Batalvi of Alh-e-Hadith. He was to HMGA what Abu Jahl was to Holy Prophet Muhammad SAWS. Muhammad Hussain Batalvi was arch enemy of HMGA, but even he testified the superb moral character of HMGA. Actually HMGA use to refer to him when presenting his character.

Now question for Nasir Ahmad Sultani and his NAÏVE FOLLOWERS:

Can any current PROMINENT Qadiani who has spent considerable numbers of years in RABWAH MURRABI SCHOOL HOSTEL with Nasir Ahmad Sultani testify on his character??? Can Nasir Ahmad Sultani refer to such a person???

Link to Nasir ahmad Sultani’s audio/video clip. Please listen at 12 minutes.

Zulqarnain: Was Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad the Mujaddid of the 14th and 15th Century Hijrah?

15 Responses to “Nasir Ahmad Sultani’s claim”

  1. July 5th, 2012 at 9:39 am
    From Zahid Aziz:

    Nasir Ahmad Sultani’s dispute is in fact with the Qadiani Jamaat. We Lahoris at least believe in the possibility that a claimant to being a mujaddid may be true, although in our human, fallible judgment, we don’t accept any of the present claimants.

    Now compare this with the Qadiani Jamaat position. They hold that their khalifas have been informed by Allah (and not by human interpretation) that their khilafat system has brought the system of mujaddidiyyat to an end, and the khilafat in fact replaces mujaddidiyyat. So at present there is a khalifa of the Qadiani Jamaat (“The Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam”) who claims that he has been made khalifa, not by the people who chose him, but by Allah Himself, and that no one can be appointed by Allah as mujaddid while he is khalifa.

    Now when the Promised Messiah, as Mujaddid, used to face anyone who claimed to be appointed by God, he took it as a very serious matter and challenged that person most vigorously, since that person was claiming to know directly from God that the Promised Messiah was false. One hopes that Sultani sahib challenges the Qadiani Khalifa in the same way.

    The late Mirza Tahir Ahmad declared in a Friday khutba in 1993:

    “Since the imamat [i.e. Qadiani khilafat] is in existence, there is no need for the coming of a mujaddid. The supporting testimony of God has crushed this evil [fitna] for all time. The imamat shall not end till the Day of Judgment, so there is no need for a mujaddid till the Day of Judgment…”

    When I (Zahid Aziz) became aware of this, I published an article in 1994 refuting this, entitled:

    – Will Mujaddids come in future?
    – Mirza Tahir Ahmad rejects a basic teaching of Islam and the Promised Messiah
    – Mirza Tahir Ahmad says “No”,
    – Promised Messiah says “Yes”.

    Please read it here.

    Presumably at that time Nasir Ahmad Sultani sahib agreed with Mirza Tahir Ahmad. I disagreed with Mirza Tahir Ahmad through my human knowledge (not taught to me by Allah, as I am an ordinary sinner).

    But now Sultani sahib claims to have been told by Allah that the correct belief is not what he believed at that time, but what was believed by Zahid Aziz and the Lahori Jamaat. (This is the Lahori Jamaat which he has described on his website as “false”, “deceitful”, “blind”, “eater of dead flesh”, “like donkeys”).

    So what complaint can I have about Sultani sahib, when his claim is that Allah has told him that: I and our Lahori Ahmadi Jamaat have been holding a correct belief even when he was holding a wrong belief?

    What complaint can I have, when I write an article refuting a Qadiani belief, and some years later it is said that Allah has revealed to someone (who was in the Qadiani Jamaat at that time) that I was right and that he and the Qadiani Jamaat were wrong?

  2. July 5th, 2012 at 9:04 pm
    From Zahid Aziz:

    It has been suggested to me that the post above by Rashid Jahangiri contains false allegations against Sultani sahib. So I have carefully read his post to trace any allegations.

    I see that Rashid wrote: “From photos he creates impression as if he is medical doctor such as M.B.B.S. (i.e. Physician of modern western evidence based medicine). He falsely gives impression that he can identify cardiac murmurs and arrhythmias with tubes hanging around his neck.”

    That can be considered as an allegation without proof, and I am happy to ask blog readers to give no credence to this statement on Sultani sahib’s medical ability.

    I cannot find any other allegation against Sultani sahib. Rashid J. writes that Sultani sahib attended a religious school and that someone else who attended it several years ago has written in a book about disreputable activities in that school. However, I cannot see that Rashid J. is alleging that Sultani sahib is guilty of anything. He has asked Sultani sahib, in line with the Islamic criterion for a claimant to Divine appointment, to produce some testimonial of possessing a unique and outstanding moral character among his peers.

    Now all Muslim historians write that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) arose among a people at Makkah who indulged in the worst types of vices. Is that an allegation against the Holy Prophet? No one has ever thought that it is. In fact it is an evidence of him being from God, that among such an immoral people there could be such a man whose purity of character is testified to by so many people who were with him.

    Therefore Sultani sahib should either say that Dr Munir-ud-Din Ahmad’s account of the religious school is false, or if it is true then he should say that he himself led an exemplary life as testified by his fellows of that time.

    As to myself, as blog administrator, allowing character allegations to be published here, we have published in this blog the bitterest accusations of their critics against the Holy Prophet Muhammad and against Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. They have been discussed by various contributors and refuted. If someone claims to have come from God to purify others, then their own purity must be beyond all doubt (and not merely sustained by the Islamic legal criterion for declaring ordinary people as innocent).

    Remember when the Holy Prophet was walking with a woman, and a doubt could have arisen in the minds of a couple of Muslims who were passing by, the Holy Prophet turned and showed them the woman’s face and said: Look at her, this is my wife. They said: We never doubted you. He said: I didn’t want any doubt to remain in your minds.

    Still, if it is felt that some allegation of wrongdoing has been published against Sultani sahib, I am happy to publish any refutation of it by anyone.

  3. @ Dr. Zahid Aziz,
    Zahid bhai you wrote:
    I see that Rashid wrote: “From photos he creates impression as if he is medical doctor such as M.B.B.S. (i.e. Physician of modern western evidence based medicine). He falsely gives impression that he can identify cardiac murmurs and arrhythmias with tubes hanging around his neck.”
     That can be considered as an allegation without proof, and I am happy to ask blog readers to give no credence to this statement on Sultani sahib’s medical ability.
    End quote.

    Dear Zahid bahi,

    I went to Medical School. I passed SERIES OF UNITED STATES MEDICAL LICENSING, considered most difficult exams, in opinion of some, more difficult than UK’s Medical Licensing exams. I have completed my residency and fellowship (specializing on top of specialization). 5 years of education after medical school education. I own exactly same Littmann stethoscope that Nasir Ahmad Sultani is hanging around his neck, sitting in office holding telephone (a staged photo). I admit I have difficulty identifying cardiac murmurs. Even Cardiologists find it difficult at times. This is the reason even they depend on Echo Cardiograms.

    In another photo (standing outside his house) Nasir Ahmad Sultani has a CHEAP NURSES stethoscope around his neck, which is NOT even good when nurses take simple Blood Pressure with it. Nasir Ahmad Sultani is a doctor like Mirza Tahir Ahmad, and doing the same in religion!
    Rashid Jahangiri, M.D.

  4. I am no judge of someone’s claim of a Divine appointment, but no one can deny me the opinion about a stethoscope as we are all too familiar with “snake oil” salesman. Such salesmen can be singled out for their fakery by their oration, attire or ornation. Mr. Sultani may be the “real one” but his stethoscope gave him away (

    47:29. Do the people with diseased minds suppose that Allâh will never bring their malice to light?

    47:30. Indeed, if We so will We could show them to you so that you would know them by their appearance, yet you shall of course recognise them from the tenor of (their) speech. (Allâh knows their empty words as) He knows your (solid) deeds.

    The first rule of medical education is that what the mind does not know eyes cannot see. Simply put, a lay person when looking at a hand sees only the hand in its outward shape and skin. But a surgeon sees much more. He “sees” the hidden arteries, veins, lymphatics, nerves, muscles, tendons, bones, joints, joint capsules, connective tissue, adipose tissue, various anatomical planes etc. etc. Not only the gross anatomical components, but also the embryological development, histological celluar patterns and the pathological variations etc. etc. To take it further there is also role of physiology and biochemistry in function of a hand. No wonder there is lot of emphasis on theoretical knowledge in modern medicine.

    For a “doctor” to have a picture taken while wearing a stethoscope implies that such a person fully understands its use given the knowledge of anatomy, physiology, pathology – be it of lungs, heart, abdomen or even the hemodynamic flow in an artery.

    To best of my knowledge, none of such information is imparted in homeopathy. Homeopathy might rightfully have a place in human cures, but even homeopathy cannot explain scientific principles for its treatments nor the basis of its dilutions. It has empirical solutions but no more than that.

    For a “homeopathic doctor mujaddid” to display a stethoscope on his website could be an honest mistake or even an acceptable deliberate joke in a lighter vein, but to show more than one such instances is nothing but a misleading statement for patients and unsuspecting audience. It obviously reeks of something fake.

    The standard of honesty is that of one of the Hadith collectors (probably Bukhari?) who refused to accept a Hadith from a person who was enticing a run away horse with an empty bag as if there was some forage in it for the horse. The basis of rejection was that a man who lies even to a horse cannot be trusted to convey a divine statement.

    As far as the followers of such fakery are concerned, suffice is to say that, they might be truthfully seeking a divine source, but is that source a Divine to begin with? Probably not and the seekers will not be able to see beyond the superficiality because what their mind does not know eyes cannot see. They need to brush up and saturate on the “theoretical” knowledge of what it takes to be a Divine. They need to read Quran, Sunnah, Hadith and the works and life of HMGA. If that is too much then the following might be a guiding light:

    30:30. So pay your whole-hearted attention to (the cause of) faith as one devoted (to pure faith), turning away from all that is false. (And follow) the Faith of Allâh (-Islam) to suit the requirements of which He has made the nature of mankind. There can be no change in the nature (of creation) which Allâh has made. That is the right and most perfect Faith, yet most people do not know (it).

    No matter how much divine a claimant may be but to accept a fake stethoscope does not suit the requirements of which He has made the nature of mankind. Naturally, one devoted (to pure faith), turning away from all that is false must reject the false display of a stethoscope and owner of that stethoscope:

    1:5. (Lord!) You alone do we worship and You alone do we implore for help.
    1:6. Lead us on the exact right path till we reach the goal,
    1:7. The path of those on whom You have bestowed (Your) blessings, those who have not incurred (Your) displeasure, and those who have not gone astray.


    Today’s Khutbah-e-Jummah by Hazrat Nasir Ahmad Sultani

    Topic: The Role of Bashirullah Khan Rasikh and Dr. Rashid Jahangiri in the Light of the Holy Quran

  6. July 6th, 2012 at 9:30 pm
    From Zahid Aziz:

    Nasir Ahmad Sultani’s opinion of Lahore Ahmadiyya Jamaat and his call to AAIIL members to “leave this false Jamaat”:

    Link to article on his website:

    (Article in PDF format)

    Under point 4 he says: “You, the people around you, and your Ameer, are deprived of the right path (sirat-i mustaqeem) taught by the Promised Messiah. How can you bring the world to the right path? Can a blind one show others the way?”

    The question naturally arises: At what point in its history did the Lahore Ahmadiyya Jamaat and its Ameers become deprived of the right path and blind?

    Was it from the beginning in 1914 that this was so? If yes, then Maulana Muhammad Ali was deprived of the right path of the Promised Messiah and blind when he broke with Mirza Mahmud Ahmad. And “the people around you” at that time were also deprived of the right path, including Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din, Dr Mirza Yaqub Baig, Dr Basharat Ahmad, etc.

    Strange then, that these persons were deprived of the right path and blind, but they managed to save the true claims of the Promised Messiah, the claims which now Sultani sahib accepts as against the Qadiani Jamaat viewpoint!

    If it was not from the beginning in 1914, then did it happen later, perhaps when the 15th century hijra began (1979)? So that Dr Saeed Ahmad Khan, Naseer Ahmad Faruqui, Dr Allah Bakhsh, Hafiz Sher Muhammad, Prof. Khalil-ur-Rahman, Dr Asghar Hameed, etc. were deprived of the right path of the Promised Messiah and blind.

    Let us have the answer to the question: when did we become blind?

    I have no hesitation is admitting about myself that I might well be judged by Allah as being deprived of the right path taught by the Promised Messiah and blind.

  7. The main crux of rebuttal by Mr. Sultani in his Friday sermon (see link in the post by MS above) is that he is being questioned by people who have not associated with him. Hence, he denies any such person the right to criticize without realizing that it is he who is trying to be a public figure, yet does not understand what it means to be one. Especially, in the latter days every minute detail will be put under scrutiny, even graves will be literally and metaphorically dug out to get to the buried past of bygone and those amongst us:

    82:1-5. When the heaven is torn apart, and when the stars become dispersed, and when the rivers are made to flow forth, and when the graves are laid open — every soul will know what it has sent ahead and what it has held back.

    Religion aside, even if a physicist puts forth a new theory or extension of an existing theory, s/he is targeted with questions that challenge that theory to begin with. Such criticism is nothing new. What differentiates the former from the latter is that when putting forth a Divine claim for oneself, that person has to foremost clarify any questions or doubts regarding his personal character even before the issues of message are discussed. Take for example, Abu-Sufyan could not say a single negative thing about the character of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Byzantine court and nor could Batalvi for HMGA. These are basic standards of personal character that are developed much before claim of Divine nomination. Personal character and characteristics are the first test of a Divine. Somehow neither Mr. Sultani nor his followers get this basic requirement of Divine-hood.

    In Holy Quran the example of trial of Prophet Joseph (PBUH) proves beyond doubt that at times circumstantial evidence is more important than eye witness or personal account. Mr. Sultani has to standup to circumstantial scrutiny if he claims to be what he is.

    Furthermore, Mr. Sultani self contradicts in his said sermon. He denies others the right to scrutinize him if they have not associated with him, yet he scrutinizes AAIIL in point 4 (identified by Dr. Aziz above) when he states:

    “You, the people around you, and your Ameer, are deprived of the right path (sirat-i mustaqeem) taught by the Promised Messiah. How can you bring the world to the right path? Can a blind one show others the way?”

    Has he associated with the organization of AAIIL? By attracting some fringe elements of AAIIL if he thinks he has associated with the organization, then he is sadly mistaken.

    Mr. Sultani obviously has an axe to grind when he reverse smears his rightful critics. This back and forth can go on till the cows come home without either party relenting. In such an impasse, the question naturally shifts to the followers of Mr. Sultani. What have they found in Mr. Sultani that has not already come to light in our current understanding of Quran? What solutions does he provide to the world in general and Muslims in particular? Can they make statements about Mr. Sultani in the same manner that Jaffar-bin-Abi Talib (akaTayyar) RA and Mughira RA made in the courts of Ethiopia and Persia about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and how the latter transformed their lives?

    In his sermon Mr. Sultani denigrates at length allopathy in favor of homeopathy. He comes across quite ignorant in his comments as he apparently has no knowledge of allopathy but feels qualified to disrespect a field based upon science that Allah created, that saves lives every moment across the world, prevents children from becoming orphans and women from becoming widows. 

    Still, he has not answered the questions about his use of “allopathic stethoscope around his neck.” Using a rhyme from Quran in style of Mr. Sultani – 6:158. …Say, `Wait, we too are waiting.’

    Mr. Sultani in his sermon used verse 5:42 to hit back at his critics. Factually, he used the excerpt of the verse more as a punch line rather than as a moral lesson for which the said verse and its adjoining verses were intended. He tries to hammer in the words “so if they come to you” implying that since AAIIL critics have not come to him they are replicating Jews at the time of the Prophet. The said verse is as follows:

    5:42. Listeners for the sake of a lie, devourers of forbidden things, so if they come to you, judge between them or turn away from them. And if you turn away from them, they cannot harm you at all. And if you judge, judge between them with equity. Surely Allah loves the equitable.

    Following the “sunnah” of Mr. Sultani, will it be fair to make a similar statement from Quran about the “allopathic stethoscope around his neck?”

    111:1-5. Abu Lahab’s hands will perish and he will perish. His wealth and what he earns will not avail him. He will burn in fire giving rise to flames — and his wife — the bearer of slander; upon her neck a halter of twisted rope!

    No! It will be utterly wrong to do so. So Mr. Sultani please refrain from using Quran for base arguments.

  8. If you translated the whole document the objective would have become clear:

    The question posed is this (paraphrased):

    ‘Do you have live communication with Allah’

    if not,

    ‘stop dwelling on excellences of the past’


    ‘join me and attain certain knowledge of a living Allah in this present time.’

    Therefore, to respond to your question:

    The names you quote are of some holy members of AAIIL that are no longer living. Sultani Sahib is asking you if you have any people in AAIIL who have live communication with Allah?

    He wishes to invite people to his Jamaat and by doing so join the Mujaddid of the 15th Century Hijrah.

    The only credible man to contest him would be a man who is loved enough by Allah to receive his Divine inspiration, communication and knowledge.

  9. July 7th, 2012 at 9:54 am
    From Zahid Aziz:

    Every person in the discussion here can read Urdu, so there was no need to translate that writing.

    “Excellences of the past” — But my question was: Does Sultani sahib believe that there was ever a past when we had excellences? Please read my response directly to Sultani sahib of last November:

    “Among our Lahore Ahmadiyya elders there were definitely several persons who received revelation from Allah, … But even they would not have replied to your challenge because they did not promote themselves as recipients of revelation.”

    So we never met Sultani sahib’s standard! At the Split in 1914 and later, Mirza Mahmud Ahmad and even his followers put forward many revelations against LAM. But Maulana Muhammad Ali hardly ever mentioned any revelation of his own in public. And the other names I listed, they mentioned their revelations even less, if at all.

    “The names you quote are of some holy members of AAIIL that are no longer living.”

    — Were they holy according to Sultani sahib’s present standards? Did Sultani sahib consider them holy when some of them were still living?

    For the past thirty years or more, members of the Qadiani Jamaat in discussions and debates with me have been telling me that Maulana Muhammad Ali was a thief, a liar, a hypocrite, and a coward. I can only assume that Sultani sahib used to agreed with these allegations. Does he still agree with the account of the Split written by Mirza Mahmud Ahmad in which he writes at the end:

    “Maulawi Muhammad Ali and his friends departed from Qadian, and in their departure was fulfilled for a second time the revelation of the Promised Messiah … ‘Men of Yazid-like disposition would be expelled from Qadian’…. people who were envious and jealous of members of the Promised Messiah’s family, and had thereby proved themselves like Yazid, now came, by a Divine design, to be expelled from Qadian.”

    So the Promised Messiah had the revelation ‘Men of Yazid-like disposition would be expelled from Qadian’. Then a great claimant to revelation, and to being the khalifa appointed by Allah, applies this revelation to the founders of the LAM. Then Sultani sahib himself is trained in this teaching. So what were the founders of LAM according to Sultani sahib’s standards?

  10. July 7th, 2012 at 10:09 am
    From Muhammad Ali:

    I expect from Nasir Ahmad Sultani Sahib that he will stand beside his each and every word after being appointed from Allah as Mujaddid of the current centruy. Especially the above quote found on his website where he calls Lahori Jamaat as a “false Jamaat”.

    The time will automatically make it clear about the claims of Nasir Ahmad Sultani Sahib. Personally I am not convinced of what he claims and what he on other side presents as evidence for that. It is now sometime that he has been claiming to be Mujaddid.

    One thing is clear that before his claim of being a Mujaddid he has not done any extraordinary literary work in the defence or service of Islam. So that thing is now due after he made this claim. According to him he is the only true appointed Mujaddid of current time in the whole of world. So what service he has done for Islam in defending, propogating and spreading it in the time after his claim.
    The major things in which he is involved uptill now are mostly academic discussions, challenges to Lahori/Rabwah Jamaat, individuals and presenting HMGA teachings in support of his claims.

    But what is his service to Islam. What are the biggest challenges which Islam is facing today? What should be done in order to meet these challenges? Is he aware of the people who are the biggest critics of Islam at present. Has he any intention to answer the allegations of those people.

    If he is a truly appointed Mujaddid, then the time will become automatically a witness of his truthfulness. Otherwise uptill now we have seen only claims without any solid work accompanying that.

  11. July 7th, 2012 at 10:31 am
    From Muhammad Ali:

    @MS: Bieng a Lahori Jamaat member, there is a possibility that I can be subjective in my opinions. But my question is once again that the claim that Allah speaks with Sultani Sahib. I am not going to give any judgement about that. In our Jammat I have known people with whom Allah spoke. It was sometimes claimed by those people and sometime I got informed about those people from other people. Malik Saeed Ahmad Sahib was one such person who recently died.

    But what did this mean. Malik Sahib or other people never made a claim to be a Mujaddid. If they would have done so, then we would have scrutinized them in the same manner.

    Now Nasir Ahmad Sultani Sahib claims to have Ilhams. I will not comment on that. But I need some proof of him bieng really appointed from Allah for this time. This prrof can be his services to Islam. And thats what he should show.

    I will just quote one example about that. David Copperfield is one of the biggest magician of our times. He lets very huge things like trains, aeroplanes, etc. to disappear infront of cameras and live audience in a very small amount of time. He calls that illusion himself. But anybody who can learn the same techniques like Copperfield can also make claims that he is making these things to happens with the help of God. So should one only believe such a “miracle”. No we must see first the chracter and work of that individual. A miracle is not the most basic thing to accept someone as truthful or not. The biggest thing is the character and work of that individual. Like HMGA did prayers and those prayers resulted in miraculous changes.

    Similarly Nasir Ahmad Sultani Sahib claims are there. But unfortunately they are not supported with the work. Can you please tell us about the acheivement for Islam that Nasir Ahmad Sultani Sahib has made in the time after his claim?

    I am not a believer of the glorious stories of past. But a person who is claiming at present must have some solid things.

  12. Testimony of Character of HMGA
    Maulana Noor ud Din was in search of Mujadid of 14th Islamic century. In his search he travelled extensively in India and in Arab lands. Finally he came to live in his native village Bhara. There in his hand reached HMGA book ‘Barahain-e-Ahmadiyya’. He went to Qadian to look for HMGA. He hardly got off his carriage (tonga/yaka), carriage driver directed him to a man sitting on a cot smoking water pipe (huka) and said, “there is Mirza sahib”. The image of that Mirza (real name Mirza Gul) gave away poor character of that person, unworthy of a Mujadid. At that moment someone said, “Take him to Mirza Maseetar (Mirza who spends his time in mosque)”. That snippet of testimony on character of Mirza Maseetar (i.e. HMGA) spoke volumes on character of HMGA, worthy of a Mujadid. Maulana Noor ud Din found out right there about character of HMGA without meeting him. Rest is history. Nasir Ahmad Sultani photos with stethoscopes wrapped around his neck, and he pretending to be allopathic doctor (i.e. doctor of modern western evidence based medicine) gives away his character unworthy of a Mujadid.
    I asked Nasir Ahmad Sultani to produce someone like Maulvi Muhammad Hussain Batalvi among his peers at Rabwah Murrabi School Hostel, IN HIS OWN SUPPORT, so that it convinces me that he is not a con-artist (fraudia) and a genuine Mujadid of 15th Islamic century. Instead of satisfying my anxiety he is creating doubts about families of LAM members living in Europe and North America (reference:  NAS speech on July 6, 2012).

    Nasir Ahmad Sultani if I buy 2 million dollars life insurance policy I will do more scrutiny of company, with which I ensure my this worldly life for few years.  

    Nasir Ahmad Sultani you want me to give in your hand my worldly life and eternal life and then take responsibility on myself to be answerable to Allah SWT if I go wrong in my decision. And you and your followers don’t want me to scrutinize you??? Can a genuine salesman have approach like yours??? Or is it approach of con-artist???

  13. As the focus of this discussion is shifting to God and all the questions that thence arise, below is an excerpt from a recently published book “Consumer Guide to God, A Muslim Perspective, In Light of Quran” from its Chapter – “Man in God’s Will – A Simplistic View”. May be Mr. Sultani can join in discussion about God from his personal vivid experience and enlighten us all. No matter how we slice and dice any matter of faith, the fact remains that the biggest elephant in the room is God. To explain God is the foremost burden of a Divine. Can Mr. Sultani solve the God riddle for his parish, which is potentially the whole world and all the existing races and religions at present. Such a discussion by him or his followers will be both, a test and proof of his Divine-hood.

    For some, the very basis of life, its progression, its purpose, its rules and its relationship with God are a riddle unto themselves. If man is creation of Someone else, then why not blame that Someone for man’s shortcomings. If everything is God then is man God, too? If life is a punishment, then more deserving of punishment is Satan not man or even God Himself for his possible mistake of creating man? Is man temporarily separated from God so that he is destined to meet or is it just the wanderings of man’s imagination? Is man torn between God and his desires? Does man invent God for his desires?

    For the reader’s pleasure, this dilemma is depicted in an Urdu poem by Saleem Kausar, rendered into English (below) by the author. Keep note of dual implications each step of the way, where the poet addresses the God and in the process mixes himself with Him and then questions Him from his own confusion. To confuse the matters further, poet blurs the actual God he is seeking with God that is figment of his own imagination. He also blurs his identity from an actuality to merely a thought. He even wonders as to who is more confused, the poet himself or the God or both. The poet also vacillates between first and third person in his composition. Pay special attention to capitalization which indicates possibly God:

    While I dwell in the wishes of One;
    Another keeps me in His thoughts

    Mirror* reflects me on its front;
    Behind it** lurks Someone else.
    (* of life) (** -mirror, life)

    I am in the grip of Someone’s desire;
    Or the result of Someone’s payers

    I am destined to Someone;
    Or sought by Someone else.

    Confounding is the belief and disbelief;
    Yet life straddles it

    I am proximal to Someone;
    Yet yearned by Someone else.

    My luminescence is no different than Thyself;

    Come close for a closer look;
    Are You that One or Someone else.

    You were unaware of disbelievers;
    I was incognizant of believers

    Your legend is of Someone else;
    my saga of Someone else.

    The usual verdicts of the Just;
    The usual diction of the judgments

    But, my crime was different;
    My punishment of Someone else.

    As I revert back to You, ignore me;
    Only cast a forgiving glance

    I got directions once en-route;
    My path was of Someone else.

    Despite the nightlong sojourn;
    Saleem* could not rendezvous Dawn (* -poet)

    Was it God who I sought?;
    or I sought Someone else.

    Qur’ân clears the above doubts of man by exposing His will which is expressed by different angles and takes throughout the Qur’ân. Even though the whole Qur’ân could be quoted only a sampler is proscribed below…

  14. Nasir Ahmad Sultani is follower of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad
    Following are my reasons to believe that NAS is follower of QK2:

    1-MS in his post on July 6, 2012 has provided link to Nasir Ahmad Sultani (NAS) speech on July 6, 2012. In his speech NAS has made an effort to create doubt about character of ladies and other relatives of my and Dr. Zahid Aziz sahib families by virtue of them living in England and USA. NAS has made an effort to create doubt about my family because I asked him to produce some prominent men among followers of Mirza Mahmud Ahmad (QK2) who could testify on his (NAS) character the way Maulavi Muhammad Hussain Batalvi testified on character of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad sahib (HMGA). NAS made an effort to create doubt about family of Dr. Zahid Aziz sahib, because as a blog moderator he did not stop my post. (Ref: NAS speech July 6, 2012 at 0:12:15).
    Many QK2 followers from early days of his headship of Qadiani cult started accusing him (QK2) of immoral personal character openly in public. Prominent among them were Mubailaih Group Miyan Zahid family, Shaikh Abdur Rehman Misri sahib group Fakhar ud Din Multani, and Haqiqat Passand Party Professor Chaudhry Ghulam Rasool, Malik Aziz ur Rehman, Saleh Noor, Chaudhry Abdul Hameed (aka Abdul Hameed Daada).  As words of these accusers reached ears of Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement elders and members, they started paying attention. To silence these companions of HMGA, before they could lend their support to the accusers of QK2, as a preventive measure QK2 started baselessly attacking ladies of Hazrat Maulan Muhammad Ali sahib family in vague language. NAS has proven himself worse than QK2. Nobody has made personal attack on NAS. It is only demanded from him to produce some Muahmmad Hussain Batalvi among his friends who have lived with him in Qadian Murrabi (missionary) School in Rabwah. NAS is so worried about exposition of his character, which now becomes obvious with every passing day that it canNOT be that of Mamur-Min-Allah (Divine appointee), that to scare me and Dr. Zahid Aziz, as a preventive measure, NAS has started attacking our families in vague language, just because we live in UK and USA.
    NAS, the day I make claim of Mujadid of 15th Islamic century, I will present my character FIRST for public scrutiny and you and your followers will be given first chance to publically scrutinize me. I am sure if Dr. Zahid Aziz bhai ever makes such claim he will do the same.
    NAS remember it is NOT me or Dr. Zahid Aziz who made claim of Mujadid. IT IS YOU NASIR AHMAD SULTANI WHO HAS MADE CLAIM OF MUJADID. YOU PROVE YOUR CHRACTER IS BLEMISH FREE.  ONUSES ARE ON YOU.  NAS read book by Mujadid of 14th century:
    Need of Imam of the Age (Zarurat-ul-Imam): by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian. English Translation by Imam Kalamazad Mohammad.  Revised by Dr. Zahid Aziz.

    2-QK2 trained his followers in such a way that no matter even when QK2 biological daughter accused him of immorality, they (followers) did not question QK2 character and did not question his claim of “Musleh Mahud”. NAS has the same thinking. He thinks no one should question his character or claim, simply just because he claims to be recipient of “divine communication”. NAS like QK2 says no one can criticize him because he is a Divine appointee, but there is no proof that he is a Divine appointee! He could not foresee independence and free spirit of LAM members.

    3-QK2 made his claim of “Musleh Mahud” without any support from Holy Quran. NAS exactly did the same. He made his claim of “Mujadid of 15th century” without any support from Holy Quran. NAS again read book by Mujadid of 14th century:
    Testimony of the Holy Quran: by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian. English translation of the Urdu book ‘Shahadat-ul-Quran’. Translated by Dr. Zahid Aziz.

    4-QK2 was accused of immorality by his followers. Instead of engaging his accusers in a sensible, mature and transparent way and instead of replying to them, he used to use his propaganda organ Al-Fazal and his touts to demand for FOUR WITNESSES. NAS has taken exactly the same approach. BTW: Nobody is accusing NAS of immorality of that kind.

    5-According to late Abdul Manan Omar sahib, many followers of QK2 in Qadian and Rabwah use to claim recipient of “divine communication” (Ilhamat), that they proudly use to tell everyone. Per Abdul Manan Omar sahib they were all BAI-TUKAY  KISAM KAY (nonsense type). Per Malik Mushtaq sahib one of follower of NAS has sent him 28 pages collection of “divine communication” claimed by NAS.

    6-QK2 use to say to his followers, “I am doing great favor to you by being your Musleh Mahud”. In his speech of July 6, 2012, NAS said, “I am doing favor to you by being your Mujadid”.

    7-Followers of QK2 claim their cult worldwide population is 200 MILLION. To their critics they say, “You prove to us that we are not 200 million”. NAS in his speech of July 6, 2012 says, “I am in process of writing my biography. You (perhaps he means RJ and Dr. ZA) prove what I write about my life is wrong”.

    8-QK2 use to belittle and insult elders of LAM who had worldly education and Islamic education and scholarly works to prove their credentials. QK2 use to call them “peels of bananas and oranges”. NAS in his speech of July 6, 2012 has made effort to belittle modern western evidence based medicine. He said, “I consider allopathic medicine INFERIOR to homeopathic medicine”. This he said in reply to pointing out by myself (RJ) that he (NAS) is NOT qualified to use stethoscope, and he is pretending to know its purpose and acting as physician of modern western evidence based medicine (aka allopathic physician) and thus deceiving people by his GETUP. Any deception by him disqualifies him to be a Mujadid. Period.
    By the way NAS: You’re applying immature defense mechanism to preserve your self-esteem. Ask your physician friend (educated in modern western evidence based medicine) to explain defense-mechanisms.

    MESSAGE FOR MS: Please be careful, you may be playing in the hands of QK5 Mirza Masroor Ahmad’s MOLE (snitch)!!! NAS uses respectful words for Mirza Mahmud Ahmad and other followers of QK2. Whereas he uses nasty words for elders of LAM. It is possible that he has been put up to this by the Qadiani cult. They have learnt that they can’t argue against us. They have had to run from this LAM blog numerous times as you know. So their only way to damage us is to set up such a claimant to divide us. So, please watch out. Thanks.

  15. July 9th, 2012 at 12:09 pm
    From Zahid Aziz:

    I would like to wrap up this, now futile, discussion with a simple observation.

    Sultani sahib should be grateful to AAIIL for rescuing him from the wrong beliefs he entertained as a member and religious instructor of the Qadiani Jamaat. It seems strange for him to call his rescuers an unblessed and false Jamaat, when without their decades-long work he would have remained in the “unblessed and false” Qadiani Jamaat.

    He is like a man who was swimming in a dangerous sea, cheered on by his fellow swimmers, and ignoring the published warnings of the coastguard. He then comes across the life-line thrown by the coastguard and is rescued from the deadly waters. What does he do when he comes out? He disqualifies the coastguard as incompetent in their job, starts a school to teach sea rescue, and invites the same coastguard to work under his leadership.